Will Red Bull SIGN Lando Norris As Max Verstappen\’s Teammate After 2024?

Lando Norris

Red Bull has always been the best team among all the paddocks in terms of hiring great drivers. The team has Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, plus Daniel Ricciardo as the reserve driver. All of them had proved to have talents when they got the chance to do so. Now, once again, the team is in talks about selecting their driver for the 2024 Formula One campaign. Apparently, Red Bull is eyeing Lando Norris as the best option available to replace Sergio Perez after his contract ends.

According to reports, Red Bull is interested in hiring the present MacLaren driver in replacement of Sergio Perez for the 2024 season. However, Lando Norris is currently in a contract with Mclaren to drive for them until 2025. Also, Perez has an extended deal with Red Bull to drive for the team until 2024. However, these signed deals are not a problem for Red Bull when it comes to their urge. Sky Sports F1 pundit claims that these changes are needed in Red Bull, and they will proceed to the same in 2024 despite the driver\’s respective deals with their present teams.


In the 2022 F1 season review program with Sky Sports host Simon Lazenby, F1 pundit Karun Chandhok reckoned that Red Bull should be going hard to try and buy Lando Norris. Chandhok\’s claim even got the support of the host, who said, \”Absolutely spot on. He has got a contract at McLaren until the end of 2025, I wonder if he thinks that\’s too long.\”

Lando Norris And Daniel Ricciardo Once Again Teammates In Red Bull?

Lazenby further suggested that Red Bull needs changes with Sergio Perez. And, with Daniel Ricciardo\’s entry, there will definitely be some changes soon. The host added, \”He is in thoughts of the time when he will stop racing. If he is thinking that, Red Bull must be thinking it too.\”

Another F1 pundit, Natalie Pinkham, suspected a huge change in Red Bull drivers regarding the interest in Lando Norris. She expects Daniel and Lando to be teammates once again. This time not in MacLaren but in Red Bull. However, there is a problem in making the predictions practical. Natalie explained, \”We have already seen Pierre Gasly and Albon Alex, it was like lambs to slaughter.\” The fellow F1 pundit believes that having a rookie as Max Verstappen\’s teammate would be difficult. It will crush the driver\’s career. Maybe Lando Norris will see the difficulty too.


Lando Norris is in a long-term contract with MacLaren. This was probably a mistake done by the 23-year-old Briton. When he was asked about the critics involving his contract with McLaren, Norris said, \”They are clueless.\” He was quite disappointed by those who started the criticism. Lando Norris replied to the matter, \”I don\’t know why people think they know everything. Like he should do this and that.\”

Indeed Lando Norris knows what he is doing. If in case, the driver gets an offer from Red Bull, then he will definitely look forward to the benefits and will break the deal with McLaren if necessary. But for now, no one can say anything for certain, as F1 is famous for having uncertain incidents each day.

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