Why Signing Aaron Judge For Nine Years With $360 Million Salary Is Bad For Yankees?

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge \”Yankee For Life\”. The Bronx won the contract battle at the cost of $360 million and a nine-year-long deal. But is that amount and extension really worth it? Yankees were indeed desperate to get back Judge in the team, but the 9-year deal was something that the team always wanted to avoid. Maybe they did not offer the nine-year contract in the first place because they suspected something wrong.

And, proving the suspicion to be correct, one of the Yankees fans emerged to keep a strong opinion on the matter. A former WFAN radio host, Mike Francesa, believes Judge\’s contract to be \”extreme\”. This is because, in the closing years of the deal, Aaron Judge will be old enough to play well. In the latest episode of The Mike Francesa Podcast, the radio host stated, \”He [Aaron Judge] will be 31 on opening days. So, this contract is an extreme contract. \”


The podcast became extreme when Mike called the contract to be a \”bad contract.\” He believes that the Yankees will pay Aaron Judge so much in this contract even when he turns 37, 38, and 39. What he meant to say is Aaron won\’t be able to play the same when he gets older because he is not a very special case. Simply, no one remains the same player at that age. \”You don\’t know how Aaron Judge is going to age. Also you don\’t know how gracefully he is going to age, how productively he is going to age. However, the bottom line is that Judge has had injury problems, and he already going to be 31 in late April,\” said Mike Francesa.

Aaron Judge Won\’t Be Able To Play Well After Six Or Seven Years.

Nevertheless, Mike wants to be happy for Yankees and Judges fans. But deep down, he wants to face reality. The radio host is trying to warn fans to be ready to get disappointments as regular-season success is not enough for a secured future success. Speaking directly to the Yankees fans, he says, \”You must be happy today; some are overjoyed. But the sad moment is to know that, You [the Yankee fan] won\’t be overjoyed with this contract even after six or seven years.\” However, it does not matter because, before the time comes, there will be plenty of home runs and great moments from Aaron Judge. And no one would ever be able to discount the fun moments that come with the slugger\’s contract.

Aaron Judge

Meanwhile, Mike Francesa even suggested a hard preparation for the Yankees. Only having Aaron Judge back on the team is not enough. They still need to fight with the Houston Astros, this year\’s World Title Champion. The rival team has succeeded in defeating the Yankees two times in the past four years. So, \”they still need to improve this team in ways if they want to compete with the Astros.\” says Mike.

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