Why Chicago Bulls Have NO INTEREST In Russell Westbrook Even With Draft Picks? Find Out Here

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has been a trade buzz even before the season started. However, the 33-year-old has retained his spot because of patience from the front office and the head coach Darvin Ham. Rob Pelinka was the person to land Westbrook in the Lakers, for which he got heavily criticized by fans and pundits. But the signing turned out to be a success when the Lakers\’ point guard started playing on the bench. Before adapting to the sixth-man role, Russell struggled to fit in with LeBron and Davis on the court.

Meanwhile, Russell Westbrook is in the news again for the Lakers to trade and find new players in the squad. Since becoming the fan favorite for the sixth man of the year, the value of the reserved point guard has increased dramatically. And the Lakers want to exploit the added value to find some deals in the trade market. However, in the market where everyone knows what Westbrook can bring, not everyone wants him. One such underperforming this season are Chicago Bulls, who have not been optimal in the league.

Chicago Bulls To Deny The Russell Westbrook Trade

Russell Westbrook

Like the Lakers, the Chicago Bulls are also off to a slow start this season. However, the Bulls have more wins than the Lakers, but both sit at the bottom in their respective conferences. Meanwhile, the Bulls are 11-14 in the league and surrounded by trade rumors. The rumor with the most buzz is the one that links Russell Westbrook to the Bulls and DeMar DeRozan and Nikola Vucevic to the Lakers. Nonetheless, the Chicago Bulls have shot down the offer as they demanded more in exchange for their former All-stars.

The word in the market is although the 34-year-old point guard is putting up a great performance, it will be difficult to trade him. The Lakers will have to let go of their young talents like Lonnie Walker, Scottie Pipe Jr., or Max Christie to make the deal feasible. Meanwhile, DeMar DeRozan has expressed his interest and eagerness to join the Lakers since 2001. And Vucevic, whose contract expiry will give a chance to the Lakers to make a move on the center. But for the time being, the Bulls have no interest in the Russell Westbrook trade, with or without the draft picks.

Russell Westbrook Defending Against Utah Jazz Player

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, even though the Lakers are more than willing to make a trade with Chicago Bulls, the feeling is not mutual. The Bulls have cleared their intentions of not moving ahead with the deal offered by the Lakers. Reportedly executive vice president of basketball operations has no interest in Russell Westbrook. Even if they add draft picks to the agreement, it will not suffice the Bulls. It looks like the Lakers will have to struggle more to find the best match that could improve the roster.

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