What Will The Los Angeles Lakers Do Now That Russell Westbrook Is Also Injured?

Lakers injury

The Los Angeles Lakers are back to a roller coaster ride after trying to calm their 2022 NBA season. When things were starting to look a little better, they switched to worse in no time. It seems like the Lakers are carrying a stroke of heavy bad luck on their back, which will make them miss the playoffs. However, there is still time for the Lakers to counter the situation with some trade or free agents to pull one over on bad luck. And for the time being, Bad luck is 3-2 over Hollywood.

The Lakers Injury Crisis

Russell Westbrook

It has been a tough week out there for the 2020 champions, as they are getting bashed by injuries every day. The Lakers are short of players who can provide the team stability and support during bad times. After the Anthony Davis injury, the Lakers are now concerned about Russell Westbrook. The 34-year-old point guard suffered an injury that caused him to sit on the bench and witness LA\’s loss. Along with him, the main man LeBron James also sustained an injury.

As a result, a team built with the superstar sat on the bench to see their team getting slammed by the Phoenix Suns. Meanwhile, there has been no update regarding Davis\’s foot injury. However, there were many reports that suggested that the Laker center could miss the court action for one month. But the NBA insider, Brian Windhorst, has a different and saddening update about the 9X All-star\’s injury. According to Brian, the upcoming month could change over an indefinite amount of time.


Moreover, he explained that it is something way more brutal than just a sprained ankle or sprained foot. The NBA insider did not confirm exactly the matter with Anthony but described it as very intensive. Davis, without a doubt, is one of the most crucial players for the Lakers. But a much bigger threat is the injury of all three LeBron, Russell, and Davis at the same time. Three of them did not play in the game against the Suns because of injuries. It looks like the chances of reaching the playoffs are getting thinner and thinner every day for LA.

LA Will Have To Be Aggressive In The Trade Market

The Lakers have dropped dramatically from all their progress in late November and December. And it all came down because of one player who was responsible for their high in the first place. However, some analysts believe that the Lakers should not change their strategy slightly. This could be a disaster if the team constantly fails under LeBron James. The inconsistency in the 37-year-old\’s performance is another reason not to depend on the 4X champ.


One theory suggests that the Lakers should have had a backup plan knowing they depend on Davis. He has been the most delicate and inconsistent player since he signed because of his injury. The nine-time All-star played only in half of the games combined in two years. However, he gave it his all whenever the center came to the floor. But for now, the Lakers have succumbed to great pressure to pull off something special. Otherwise, they will have to bury their postseason hopes this year, also.

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