What Is The Actual Reason For The Lakers\’ Consecutive Fall Since The Last Two Years?

Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are the team who can give even the best team in the league the run for their money. However, the potential is a complete waste if they can not bring the win at the end of the game. It looks like the Lakers are the fallen angel who is good at what they do but let it slide in the final moments. The Lakers often took the lead in the second half of the games but could not keep a tight grip.

This season, there have been many occurrences in which the Lakers have lost the most winnable games in the last minutes. Therefore LA has not improved their endurance game as they are not able to sustain the lead they manage to take. It strikes as a valid point because LeBron James, 38, does not have the same athleticism. And Anthony Davis could not push his limits due to his injurious history with his tight back. So what can the Lakers do to prevent this fate in the last quarter?


Is Last Quarter The Reason Behind Lakers Fall

The Lakers have completely tipped off the last few games they were on the verge of taking home as the wins. Even the game against the opponents who are leading the NBA tables ahead of every other team. LA played against their historic rivals on Wednesday and lost 118-122 on the night. After dragging behind with 20 points, the squad was looking to find an opening in the Celtic\’s defense. But then the Lakers completely changed the game from trailing to leading with 13 pints with four minutes left on the clock.

Anthony Davis

However, the Lakers gave away the victory to the Celtics as Anthony Davis missed the free throws that could have sealed the win. And a similar thing happened on the six-game away trip when the Lakers faced the Philadelphia 76ers. The game was at 120-120 for Davis to steal the game with the free throws. Yet again, the 29-year-old missed one throw to let the contest continue to overtime. Eventually, Hollywood lost the game in the overtime run. So it looks like apart from blaming Russell Westbrook, the two superstars also deserve to share some blame.

LeBron James And Anthony Davis Play Football On Revis Island

It looks like the Lakers have figured out some other means to practice their game outdoors. LA took it to the football fields instead of usually practicing in their indoor basketball stadiums. Anthony, James, and the rest of the team were on the football field having some recreational time after losing to the Celtics on Wednesday.


The Lakers were having some fun before facing Denver Nuggets and Washington Wizards. Meanwhile, the squad also needs to hit the roads again after playing two games on the home turf. Although the teams on this trip will not be as tough as the last one, away games are not LA\’s strong pursuit.

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