Until last year, Mercedes had an amazing set of F1 drivers. Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas altogether brought many points and podium to the German team and made them constructors champions for years. However, Bottas then switched to Alpha Romeo as he could not see a growing future alongside seven-time world champion Hamilton. Although, the duo continued to maintain their friendship and respect for each other.

It looks like Lewis Hamilton is going through the worst phase of his F1 career. At this point, he is at the sixth position in the driver’s standings, way behind leading Max Verstappen. If Hamilton is not able to win any Grand Prix of the remaining ones, his record of winning a race in every season will be renounced. Although his previous teammate has suggested otherwise. Valtteri Bottas has issued a warning to both Max Verstappen & Charles Leclerc to look out for the wounded lion. According to the Alpha Romeo driver, Lewis Hamilton’s tough ventures this season will only make him stronger and ready in years to come.

Valtteri Warns Verstappen & Leclerc For Lewis Hamilton’s Comeback

Until now, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has won nine out of the fourteen races this year. He is leading the driver’s grid with a gigantic margin of 93 points. Not only that, but Red Bull is also dominating in the constructors’ championship with a broad gap of 128 points ahead of second-positioned Ferrari. The German team is nowhere to be found in both the Drivers’ & Constructor’s championships. However, Valtteri Bottas has recently warned both the front-runner teams to beware of the Mercedes’ leading driver.

Lewis Hamilton

According to him, Red Bull & Ferrari should stay mindful of Lewis Hamilton. This is because he would use the experience to motivate him to win another world championship. “Knowing Lewis, yes. Normally struggles only make him tougher,” the Finnish driver backed Hamilton. Bottas addressed that the first half of the 2022 Championship was definitely difficult for the Mercedes Driver. However, he is consistently returning to his older form, and Lewis will definitely be strong in the future.

Bottas Praised Mercedes’ Progress

Not just Lewis Hamilton, Bottas also praised Mercedes and their efforts to match the frontrunners this year. As per the Alpha Romeo driver, it was strange for everyone to see the Mercedes falling. However, he reminded that this is a feature of motorsport. “You never know who gets it right and who doesn’t, thats F1,” Bottas added.


Valterri Bottas mentioned that Mercedes is a big outfit. And they are usually pretty good at battling difficult circumstances. So, he can never doubt that they wouldn’t be able to improve. Mercedes have actually worked a lot on their W13 ever since the start of this year’s championship. The bouncing and porpoising issue was taking away their chance even to defend themselves in the races. However, they ultimately got rid of the issue after many updates. And now, the Silver Arrows are trying their best to clinch the top position in the upcoming races.