Toto Wolff Providing Guarantee Of Mercedes\’ Return In 2023 Season, Learned A Lot From Mistakes

Toto Wolff

Mercedes passed the worst season in their racing history with just one win. The whole season went into analyzing the W13 for the Silver Arrows to find the grey parts of the car. Formula One has a very dark truth. Apparently, once a team falls, it takes years to stand again. However, Mercedes is fearing to accept the slump truth that has happened with the rival teams Red Bull and Ferrari in the past. Red Bull was once a team who won 4 consecutive championships with Sebastian Vettel. It was an era of the Milton-Keynes-based team approx ten years ago. But then everything got ruined. Red Bull lost its best driver, and the downfall era began. Since 2014 Red Bull remained losing every single year until 2021.

On the other hand, Ferrari, the team of the legend Michael Schumacher, has a royal history. The team has a total of 15 driver championships and 16 constructors victory, with 242 Grand Prix wins. But after 2007, the Scuderia team never celebrated a single championship victory. The team has been struggling since 2008 to secure a world title. It has brought changes to the car and even to the team. However, nothing changed, and nothing helped.

After Schumacher left the Prancing Horse, Ferrari could not find the perfect replacement. It was the dark truth of Formula One that surrounded both the above teams in the past. However, Red Bull has already overcome and has again started dominating by defeating Mercedes. Also, Ferrari\’s expectations have been raised with the presence of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

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Mercedes Has Learnt From The Rival\’s Past Mistakes

Now, Mercedes, the team who once had dominated among all the 20 grids in the past decade, has started to enter into the darkness. With the dreadful 2022 season, the team is aware of the history of Formula One. Mercedes chief Toto Wolff is not going to let the team go into such a downfall that it can never stand up. Wolff has guaranteed that Mercedes will be back by next season. Instead of frightening by the dark past of the rivals, Toto Wolff is ready to learn from them and take it as a warning.

Giving reasons for Ferrari\’s downfall, Toto Wolff said, \”The Scuderia team lost the whole top leadership and a key driver.\” And for Red Bull, he said, \”The power unit regulation changed the team upside down. They had no engine deals. So this was the fundamental parameter for Red Bull\’s dark era.\” However, for Mercedes, it was just a bad year with bad car design. Under the new regulations of the ground floor effect, the team could not make a strong car. They have already learned from their mistakes. Now, there is nothing that can stop the German manufacturers from getting the pace back again.

Toto Wolff with Mercedes Drivers

Toto Wolff, in fact, has suggested that the dead 2022 was necessary for the team. It helped the tea to re-energize. The organization was in progress, but such failure has led the team to get motivated even more. Speaking to RacingNews365.Com, Wolff said, \”A difficult year was very necessary for Mercedes to re-energize the organization, I am 100% sure about this fact.\”

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