For a time now, Red Bull has been in talks with Porsche for their engine delivery for 2026 and beyond. However, the deal falls through because of some crucial differences between the Austrian outfit and the German automobile manufacturer. Now, Red Bull is planning to manufacture their own power units independently from 2026. And Mercedes boss Toto Wolff has praised the Austrian racing team for their ‘bold move.’

Toto Wolff Praises Red Bull For 2026 Engine Approach

At this point, only four Engine manufacturing teams are there in Formula One. Mercedes, one of the four, provides power units to themselves, along with Aston Martin, McLaren, and Williams. Ferrari also provides engines to itself, Alfa Romeo, and Haas. Renault takes care of Alpine, and Red Bull Powertrains are serving Red Bull & junior team AlphaTauri through their Japanese partner Honda.

Red Bull

However, Red Bull is now planning to make their engines completely on their own from 2026. Lately, RBPT has been dependent on engine manufacturer Renault for their engine supply. However, due to the differences, the deal fell through at the end of 2018 due to a mixture of poor results and engine failures. After Renault, Red Bull tied hands with Japanese engine manufacturer Honda. The duo is still involved efficiently and will be till the end of the 2025 season. However, with the involvement of new technical directives in 2026, it has to be seen if the two giants continue their bond for the future. Although, the Austrian team is paving the way for a brand new approach as they are planning to produce their power supply in-house only.

Meanwhile, Toto Wolff is surprised with the team’s new engine approach. The Mercedes boss is curious to see how the Austrian outfit will do all on its own. “I think it’s a very bold strategy,” Wolff lauded the rivals. He mentioned that Red Bull has wanted to achieve the self-sufficient scenario for a long time. And by having their own power unit and not being dependent on any other OEM, they can achieve their specific targets.

Toto Wolff & Christian Horner
Toto Wolff & Christian Horner

In the current scenario, making their own engine seems logical for Red Bull. In this way, they can confirm their presence in the top position for a long time as they won’t need to rely on the quality of the power unit provided by an external company. However, the Honda deal has been going strong for the last four years. However, working solely on the car alone will remove the dependency on the external factor.