Ever since the introduction of the budget cap in Formula One, things have drastically turned around for the big f1 outfits. It did not have much of an impact on the other low-budget teams as they were at the same level of financing. However, grand names like Mercedes, Ferrari & Red Bull had to seriously tone down and work under the budget cap and make an efficient, super fast F1 car. However, recently, Ferrari boss Mattia Binotto has raised some concerns regarding the overviewing of the F1 budget cap for the teams.

Lately, rumors have come up that Red Bull is all set to bring in its new lightweight chassis in the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix. Almost every outfit is trying to bridge the gap between the desired and the actual weight of the car. However, Binotto pointed out that

According to the Scuderia principal, Red Bull would “never” afford a new chassis at this point in the season. Keeping in mind the functioning of the budget cap. The Ferrari boss also demanded the FIA keep an eye on the budget cap of the teams if such situations come in.

Wolff Defends FIA over Ferrari’s Budget Cap Claims

This year, the F1 Budget cap for the outfits is $140 million, $5 million less than the previous year. Although early in the year, amid the Russia-Ukraine war, a break was given to decrease the soaring inflation stress and the rise in freight costs. And amid Ferrari’s concerns over the budget cap policing, Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff has commented in favor of the FIA.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the matter, Wolff stated that he has no doubt in the FIA’s new regime that they will not police robustly. According to the German team principal, FIA will be policing what the governance says. The financial budget cap regulations are as important as sporting and technical so let’s see what the outcome is.

Wolff further mentioned that he has confidence in the people, the system, and the governance. So, it would be highly unlikely for the teams to breach such tough supervision. Although he added, “But if you breach, then you breach. That is an advantage you have gained, and that needs to be sanctioned. But again, I am speaking about something I am not involved in.”