It looks like Mercedes has achieved what they have aimed for, not in the championship but in terms of sustainability. The German racing team has announced some astonishing trial results of the use of biofuel on a triple header. What is more interesting is that the team is all set to accomplish more. So, keep reading to know about the trial and Mercedes’ amazing results. 

Mercedes Achieve Reduced CO2 Emissions By 89%

At the start of this year, Mercedes brought in their sustainability goals. According to that, they have to reduce their CO2 emissions and achieve a verified Net Zero by 2030. Therefore, in the wake of the project, a trial was initiated to comprehend the carbon saving level with the help of biofuels and their impact on the environment as well as the vehicle. This trial was put in place to make up a strategy that will help maximize the use of biofuels for the 2023 European tour.


As part of the sustainability trial, one of Mercedes’ team trucks was put to the test and powered with Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO100) fuel at the Hungarian GP. Its destination was the Barckley headquarters, UK. After this, more trucks used biofuel to travel from Spa to Zandvoort, then from Zandvoort to Monza. And as per the analysis, the use of Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil not only decreased the CO2 emission but also helped in reducing freight impact on local air quality.

As per the team, the trial results are just the start, as they have bigger aims to achieve in the coming years. They have set commitments to work on sustainability. Mercedes’ goal is to become the first global sports team to invest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel and drive the change within motorsport. 

Toto Wolff Happy With The Biofuel Results

Toto Wolff Mercedes

Celebrating the moment, the Mercedes principal, Toto Wolff, also appreciated the effort and the results achieved by the team. He pointed out that Sustainability is at the heart of Silver Arrow’s operations. And this trial is nothing but an example of the team’s commitment to work of sustainability. For the future, Wolff reckoned that Mercedes aims to bring in change. They want to ease the adoption of sustainable technology to bring in a sustainable tomorrow.