Formula one’s budget cap is one of the most important topics today. Recently, news emerged that this year’s winning team, Red Bull, had breached budget cap rules in the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP alongside Aston Martin. And looks like Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff is taking the issue of Red Bull’s negligence of cost cap breach very seriously. Now, Red Bull would have to go for the penalty if the allegations turn out to be true.

As per the reports, Max Verstappen’s team and Aston Martin are under the FIA investigation. Last year, Formula one released a $145 million budget to keep down spiraling costs and level the playing field. Any team spending more than the budget would be considered breaking the law. The punishments are set as follows: exceeding the budget by over 5 percent can be put under penalty, including a points deduction or suspensions. But more than 5 percent spend or a major breach in the budget cost cap can also lead to “Exclusion from the championship.” And amid the allegations, rumors are spreading that Max Verstappen is on the verge of stripping the world championship title he won last year in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021.

Toto Wolff Seems Surprised With Christain Corner’s Behavior

Toto Wolff & Christian Horner
Toto Wolff & Christian Horner

Meanwhile, Mercedes chief Toto Wolff claims that the budget cap breach occurred because of the Red Bull car’s overweight issue. According to him, Red Bull could have done the same breach in several seasons. The Austrian also claimed he would never want to be in their situation.

On the contrary, the CEO of the Red Bull team, Christian Horner, seems to take this bubbling issue very lightly. Ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix weekend, Christain voiced that he is NOT AWARE of any budget breach issue. He is very much confident that the team’s budget is within the spending limits. The Red Bull boss also emphasized that no one should believe in rumors, as every team is theoretically subjected to investigation.

According to Horner, if Red Bull is undergoing an investigation, then FIA is just doing its duty. He added, “We’re very confident in our submission. And if anything comes out in the result, they eagerly await to hear that from FIA.”

Mercedes Toto Wolff

However, with the unconcerned behavior of Red Bull’s chief, Toto Wolff seems pretty surprised. In an interview with SkySports F1, Wolff said, “It’s funny that Christain says that because it’s been weeks and months, they’re being investigated.” The Silver Arrows principal even pointed out that maybe Christian Horner does not talk to his Chief Financial officer. And as a consequence, these things are happening. He believes Horner needs to talk to his CFO.

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