Toto Wolff & Christian Horner Scared With Ferrari\’s Return In 2023 With New Engine Update


The 2022 season was absolutely well-dominated by Red Bull. The team lifted both the F1 championship trophies this year. Max Verstappen succeeded in setting higher records, even surpassing Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. In 2021, the reigning champion team faced Mercedes as their biggest challenge. But this year, Mercedes was found way back in the grid. However, Ferrari did the task perfectly.

The Scuderia team initially did excessively great and started the season with four victories. But soon, the F1-75 cars lost their pace. Drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz started struggling to defeat the Red Bull ace, Max Verstappen, in the mid of the season. And unfortunately, Ferrari could not bring more upgrades because of high unit prices in the low budget cap season.

Horner & Binotto

Leclerc strived to finish second in the driver\’s standings by fighting with Sergio Perez. Apparently, Red Bull had a dream of a one-two victory in the driver\’s championship. However, it was ruined by the Ferrari driver. Leclerc gave everything, and finally, with a second on the podium in Abu Dhabi, he succeeded in replacing Sergio Perez with 3 points. The constructor\’s champion team, Red Bull, realized Ferrari\’s power and already got warned.

Ferrari Ready To Launch The \’Bomb\’ Engine For 2023

Recently, Haas\’s principal, Guenther Steiner, came out to reveal the very hidden comeback plan, which he figured out in the meeting with his Scuderia counterpart. As mentioned by Express UK, Steiner tried to warn Red Bull and Mercedes. This is because Ferrari is building something great in Maranello this winter. Steiner revealed that last Thursday, he had a meeting with Ferrari\’s ex-boss Mattia Binotto. The Haas principal said, \”He told me that Ferrari\’s next season engine will be the bomb.\”


In Lorenzo Bandini\’s award ceremony, Steiner explained that Ferrari is getting huge support from Emilia Romagna. If the new engine works out positively and becomes competitive enough as a bomb for others. Then it will definitely be a positive thing for team Haas. Apparently, Ferrari\’s comeback with a \’bomb\’ engine will challenge Red Bull in the next year. And if Haas gets the same positivity, then not only for Red Bull but also for Alfa Romeo, it will be difficult to survive in the grids of 2023.

Meanwhile, Mattia Binotto, who just resigned from Ferrari, already gave his statements that strive to warn the rivals. He had said, \”On power unit, we set big numbers in terms of objectives.\” Mattia revealed that in his entire 25 years, he has never seen Ferrari being more capable of becoming better than this year. The boss who left the team this year was really found confident about Ferrari\’s championship next year.

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