Recently, news came in that the Porsche-Red Bull deal has ultimately come to an end. Lately, it was reported that Red Bull and Porsche would be tying up for a joint Formula 1 venture for the new engine rules era in 2026. However, it could not happen. Although Audi is all set to enter the motorsport & Porsche will also find another outfit, maybe McLaren, to work with, the German presence in the F1 fraternity is fading like ashes. And recent reports claim that Formula One is all set to cut ties with the Germany Grand Prix. 

Since 2019, the F1 organization does not have any contract with Germany for a Grand Prix. And it looks like they do not have any plan to return to either Nürburgring or Hockenheimring in the foreseeable future. However, Mercedes & Red Bull bosses both have stood up to save the iconic Germany Grand Prix and add it to the F1 calendar somewhere in the future. 

Wolff & Horner To Save German Grand Prix

The German Grand Prix has been a Mercedes’ home race ever since the team started its F1 journey. Lewis Hamilton has won four races there between 2008 & 2018 and has created the German car’s dominance in motorsport. Therefore, if Formula One removes the German GP from the calender, Mercedes’ will be devoid of their home track as well as their fanbase. 


Moreover, Sebastian Vettel & Mick Schumacher are the only two German drivers in the driver’s line. And Vettel has already announced his retirement. Therefore, Mick will be the last German F1 driver until someone from the same nationality joins. However, Christian Horner has shown his concern about the lack of the German market in motorsport. As the Red Bull boss stated, “Germany is an important market for us and Max Verstappen shows what enthusiasm a driver can generate in a country. It’s certainly comparable to Schumacher in Germany.” 

Horner added that it would be very unusual and awkward after all those years with Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. On the other hand, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff also emphasized the importance of having a German driver on the grid. The German car principal said, “We need a German driver, and I would also like a race in Germany. We absolutely have to find a solution to that.” 

Germany Grand Prix

Lately, rumors have been spinning that Haas driver Mick Schumacher will be devoid of a seat in the 2023 season. And if that happens, Formula One will not have even a single driver on the grid. In that regard, Wolff insisted that the 23- year old driver deserves to keep his seat for 2023. He reckoned that Mick has a great personality and is talented and fast. It’s just that he needs more time to get used to the motorsport.