The Los Angeles Lakers Can Use Anthony Davis\’ Injury As A Great Opportunity To Improve

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are drowning with the bad luck that has made all the best players unavailable to them. A fault in the stars that can not be blamed on anyone as nobody could have predicted the fate. But a player with a volatile property like Anthony Davis should come with a backup plan. Everyone in the basketball fraternity is aware of the delicate health status of the center. The last two years have been more than proof of Davis\’ availability for the whole season.

Although Anthony Davis could be held responsible for the Lakers\’ condition, he was the one who brought them up. Losing the best player could have many impacts as the team cannot transition now. Meanwhile, the best came when LeBron James left the court due to his groin injury. In mid-November, Davis took charge of the team and brought them the winning ways. However, this also brought extra pressure on the 29-year-old center. This increased pressure and running could have been a reason for his injury.

What Has Happened To Anthony Davis?

Anthony Davis

The Lakers lost a gem when they lost their superstar center to an undefined right foot injury. Anthony Davis chose the most glamorous moment to get injured. Under the nine-time All-star, the team saw great feats he achieved to see his team through. But the win against the table toppers with a huge margin of 126-108 was a different feeling. However, Anthony Davis was brought back off the court in the same game\’s second half due to his injury. And the news went viral that he would be missing the game for at least one month now.

However, not much about the injury has come out as the Lakers team is still trying to figure out the ailment. It\’s been a week since Anthony Davis was injured, and reports suggest that he is constantly tested to figure out what happened. Unless he is completely diagnosed, there is no way of figuring out how long it will take him to recover and be back. The head coach said it would take some time, but everything will come to light in just a few days. Meanwhile, In the last three games, the Lakers have only managed one, with Thomas Bryant replacing AD.

, Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Although Davis\’ injury is a bad omen, according to fans, it could also be an opportunity, according to the experts. The Lakers\’ front office has been delaying trade for a long time now. But the after-effects of the injuries will finally make the executive make the trade the team desperately needs. An inside for the Los Angeles Times also believes this is the best time for the Lakers to engage in some trade talks. Even the announcements suggest that the Lakers could finally make the mid-trade on Jan.

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