The Lakers Need To Work In These Areas Urgently Now That Anthony Davis Is Out For An Indefinite Period

Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are on a mediocre high right now. But they are missing their key player Anthony Davis. On top of that, the path up from here is only getting harder as they are going to face much harder opponents from now on. Although the win will allow the Lakers to find a rhythm, they will face the Phoenix Suns today. And they are missing a major player like Davis because of his injury.

The Lakers are already a team without backup. If any of the players get injured, the whole team gets unbalanced. According to Davis, they wanted to stay under .500 before they went out on a six-day away trip. However, the hopes to register more wins than losses could come crashing down without Anthony Davis. There are many ways that the Lakers could pull something to cover up the 29-year-old\’s spot. Keep reading to figure out what options the Lakers have to remain in the game.

Lakers Could Trade

LA has had its eyes set on Myles Turner and Buddy Hield for a long time. But according to CBS sport, if the Lakers did not make the trade when Davis was healthy, it won\’t now either. So far, the Lakers squad has eventually improved itself with time only. There were no trades or free agents brought to improve the condition of the team. But there has been one thing common since the start of the season Anthony Davis.


Apart from just being there on the team, Anthony Davis had led his team to single-handed victories when James was missing. And if he remains out for more than a month, then the Lakers could be in deep trouble. Next month will be crucial for the teams looking to reserve their spot in the playoffs. Reportedly, AD\’s injury could push him out of the court for the next month. So it seems like the draft picks could be sacrificed in the time of need who were kept with such care until now.

LA Could Buy Free Agents In Place Of Anthony Davis

If the trade options are suffocated for the Lakers, they will have to find loopholes and go for buying new agents. Reports suggest that the Lakers could go for the former Laker DeMarcus Cousins. Even the head coach Darvin Ham has spent some time with the center, so he is familiar with him.

Moreover, the Lakers also have young options from the G League, as they tend to be better with young players. Jay Huff is another option from the G league, with 3.4 blocks and 38.5 percent shooting from long range. Replacing Anthony Davis is definitely not going to be an easy task for the Lakers.


The Lakers were not so tight in the market till now, as they did not have any urgency. But the absence of Anthony Davis could make them suffer the whole season. So, the Lakers\’ front office will have to wake up and make some considerable moves finally. The Lakers will face a tough opponent today, which will tell the team the right course of options to choose from.

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