Steve Kerr\’s Warrior Is Trembling Without Stephen Curry, Defending Champions Worst Performers On Road

Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors are struggling to recreate the same season that they did last year. The defending champions have shown clear signs of distress and a lack of coping abilities. The season has also taken a turn for the worse as they have lost a major player like Stephen Curry for a long time. Curry injured his shoulder badly, and there have been accurate diagnoses until now.

The Dubs also own the record of the worst NBA team on the road, with 3-16 in away games. They have lost seven out of their nine games in the league following the losses. Undoubtedly, the Warriors are not at their full strength as they miss their key players. The Brooklyn Nets were all ready to exploit this to their advantage and made the Dubs swallow a humiliating loss. The Golden State was 46-17 in just the first quarter of the game and trailed behind the Nets for the whole game.

Warriors vs Nets

Steve Kerr Is Worried About The Warriors

The Warriors were missing key players like Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andrew Wiggins, which gave the Nets an edge. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn side only missed Kyrie Irving. Although the Nets were at a clear advantage over the Dubs, they did not show any mercy. The score at halftime was 91-51, leading up to the loss with a huge margin. On the one hand, the Warriors are facing back-to-back defeats after Steph\’s injury. The Nets, on the other hand, were scoring to win their seventh consecutive game.

Stephen Kerr

The Warriors\’ defense had so many blindspots that it allowed the Nets to shoot 64.3 percent from the field. And the Nets were exceptionally good from the long-range as they made 21-33 three-pointers on the night. In some aspects, the Lakers and the Warriors are following the same path to get themselves out of the postseason. Both have lost their MVP-level players and are surrounded by bad long-range shooters. Klay Thompson and DiVincenzo are going through a rough patch as they are only making 39.9 and 38.8 percent shooting, respectively.

Steve Kerr is Not Interested To Cover Up With Good Words

The Golden State Warriors got tormented on the road trip that they recently had. They only managed to win one game, as the record says, 1-5. And as they plan to return to their home stadium, the schedule is only tensing up more from now on. Meanwhile, coach Steve Kerr pointed out, \”You are what your record says you are.\” Steve knows the team\’s condition and accepts his responsibility to reverse changes.


The first half was a disaster for the Warriors as the Nets easily walked all over the team. The difference between the scores can depict the whole story of how the first two-quarters of the game went. Draymond Green reckoned, \”That first half, it was kind of a shock.\” Meanwhile, Durant was happy with how his team performed. The Nets lacked shooting until yesterday, but all of a sudden, all the shots started falling.

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