Stephen Curry Injury Update! Champ Nowhere Close To Returning On The Court While His Team Is Getting Whipped

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors are in deep trouble as they lost their best man Stephen Curry to a shoulder injury. The 34-year-old injured himself in the game against the Indiana Pacers. There is no denying that he has always been a crucial part of the Warriors. This year also, he has been putting up MVP-level performance game after game. However, his team has not been at the same level, which has caused them to sit in 11th position, just above the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Warriors were already going through bad days, and now it has turned to the worst. Golden State knows their position without Stephen Curry in the league. Even though the team has been the previous champions, they are struggling this season. They are on a road trip, lost four games, and won only one out of five without the point guard Curry. The four-time champ could miss the court for weeks, and no further precise report has come through. But there is something that Curry said about his injury during the Knicks and Warriors game broadcast.

Stephen Curry\’s shoulder injury

Update On Stephen Curry\’s Injury

According to Curry, this is a new kind of injury that he has never been through before in his entire career. So the point guard has no idea how long it will take him to get back on the court. He even mentioned that he is \”nowhere near, even like, picking up a basketball yet.\” His description depicts the seriousness of his injury as he tells everyone that it is still early to say anything about recovery. However, he won\’t be seen on the court anytime soon.

Although there are no reports on his return, it can take several weeks before his full recovery. Stephen Curry is an important player for the Golden State Warriors, so they will even be extra cautious about his injury. Therefore he will not be pushed on the court before the NBA finalist is completely ready and fully recovered. Meanwhile, his teammates are getting decapitated in back-to-back games by hot teams in the league. They lost consecutively in their recent encounter with Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks. The Dubs are getting thrashed in the away games.

Stephen Curry

There is no doubt that the Warriors are not playing at the same level they were the last season. They struggled when Stephen Curry was alongside them, and things are worst without him. Many believe that only if the Dubs can make it to the playoffs will they have a chance at the title. The Warriors could then easily cruise off through to the postseason based on their past championship experience. But the hopes are still very far stretched as they struggle even to confirm a playoff spot.

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