Sergio Perez Not Capable Of Defeating Max Verstappen! Helmut Marko Says Daniel Ricciardo Was Always The Choice

Max Verstappen counted his second world title in the long race of his F1 career in 2022. He completely dominated the season with 15 victories alone, the most that anyone has ever made in the history of the entire sport. Meanwhile, his teammate Sergio Perez who got the same RB18 could only clinch two Grand Prix victories. Apparently, Checo\’s dull or, let\’s say, Verstappen\’s spectacular performance forced his team\’s heads to pick sides among the drivers. Amid this, recently, Red Bull\’s head advisor Helmut Marko claimed that \”Checo could not challenge Max Verstappen.\”

Helmut Marko believed that Sergio Perez could certainly win races. He can win one, two, or three races. But at the moment, he could not stand where Max Verstappen has placed himself. \”I do not imagine anyone with the same conditions that Verstappen has been able to do that,\” said the Austrian impressively about the two-time world champion.

Red Bull

Recently, after the 2022 F1 season got concluded, Daniel Ricciardo, out of nowhere, appeared to become the reserve driver of Red Bull. And his entry back into the team created confusion among fans. After the disputes between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen in the Brazilian Grand Prix, fans were expecting a split-up in Red Bull. And, as soon as Ricciardo entered, people started claiming that he is just the replacement for Sergio Perez. However, in one instance, Red Bull clarified that Daniel is just a third driver. Christian Horner claimed that no one can replace Sergio Perez until his contract period (till 2024).

Daniel Ricciardo Was The First Option For Red Bull, As He Has Been Good Friends With Max Verstappen

Meanwhile, Sergio Perez received a very biased favor from his team. When Horner talked about expectations for the next season, he suggested Max Verstappen will definitely win that. It is sad for Checo that his boss is not even expecting anything from him. And, now advisor Helmut Marko came out to compare both of them, suggesting that Perez can never beat Verstappen.

Max Verstappen-Sergio Perez

On the other hand, team Red Bull seems to have great expectations from Daniel Ricciardo too. When a reporter asked Helmut Marko if the team ever thought of other options for a reserve driver, he said NO. Marko believed that Ricciardo has a good profile and image in the sport making him the best for Red Bull to hire. Ricciardo has won 7 Grand Prix races with the team. However, a disagreement between Max Verstappen and Daniel Riccardo led him to leave the team in 2018.

Along with Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo, Niki Latifi, and also Mick Schumacher exited from the grid this year. Seb announced his retirement. But for the others, there were no empty seats in the Grid. Lately, Red Bull was seeking a figure for their reserve driver. And in consideration, they had Daniel Ricciardo and Mick Schumacher. But the Milton-Keynes-based team chose their old driver rather than young Mick. Helmut revealed that Mick Schumacher was never an option for them because he has been a part of the Ferrari program. Thus, Daniel Ricciardo was the perfect match. Also, Red Bull\’s star, Max Verstappen, is very happy with the Australian\’s entry.

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