Sebastian Vettel Returning As a Counselor For Red Bull? Boss Christian Horner Desperate To Have The German On Board

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel is a personality that no one can ever forget. Even after his retirement, everyone in Formula One is waiting for his return. If not as a driver, then as a \”counselor,\” there are a lot of vacant seats waiting for the German to claim them. Recently, Lewis Hamilton made a strong prediction about Vettel\’s return, and now Red Bull\’s principal, Christain Horner, has come out to offer a \”driver counselor\” role for the four-time world champion.

Christain Horner and Vettel have shared a large part of their past together. Out of the 54 races that Seb has won in his career, 39 were under Horner\’s guide. All four world titles that he won were with Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. Now that Sebastian Vettel ended his racing career, Horner still seeks a role for him in the paddock. Speaking about the German\’s recent contribution to Formula One, Horner said, \” Sebastian himself turned into something of a driver counselor in the last couple of years.\”


Despite the fact that Sebastian Vettel has made 100% clear that he will not be coming back to Formula One, Horner wants to offer him the role. However, the ex-Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin driver are yet to announce his plans after spending time with family. What would he do after the resting period? Will Vettel come back as Hamilton believes? Or will he appear in the paddocks with another role, as Christian Horner suggested? These questions remain the most curios ones among F1 fans.

Christian Horner Misses Sebastian Vettel, Ready To Offer Any Role To Him In The Red Bull Paddock

Meanwhile, the footprints that the 35 years-old has left in Formula One is like immortal. They are never gonna die. Even after his goodbye, people talk about how great he was. He did not have the most victories or most world titles, yet he made hundreds of records whenever he got the chance to do so. Recently, in an interview with, Horner shared his overwhelmed, hidden feelings for his old champ, Vettel. He said, \”Seb is a great person. He understands the value of people and the contribution that one makes to get success.\”

Sebastian Vettel

However, the job role that the Red Bull boss wants to offer to Sebastian Vettel is totally dependent on his wish. Only if he applies for such will he become that; Horner is not going to force him. The Austrian later revealed, \”Vettel is among those who is annoyingly good at anything he chooses to do. I am sure that if Vettel chooses the path [of driver\’s counselor], he will definitely be good at it.\”

Besides Horner\’s proposal for a high-profile role that would replace Helmut Marko with Sebastian Vettel, there is another offer sent by Aston Martin\’s boss. Mike Krack also believes that Vettel is a man of great worth and is deserving of the role of driver\’s counseling in the team. After seeing so many offers made just for Sebastian Vettel, one can definitely sense that if Vettel opens the gate for a return to Formula One, many seats will empty themselves for him.

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