Ask anyone to name two GOAT drivers at present in Formula One. They will say it’s Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Think of the moment when they both would have rocked together. How amazing it would be if both the champions were teammates. ‘Individually’ belonging to different teams, they have set the bar so high in F1, ‘together’ no one can even imagine what they could have achieved.

It is interesting to know what Sebastian Vettel himself thinks about the ‘imagination’ mentioned above. Let’s read what the four-time world champion says about being together with the seven-time world champion.

Sebastian Vettel-Ferrari Battling with Hamilton-Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel’s last F1 race with Aston Martin is scheduled this weekend with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. On occasion, the four-time world champion came out to discuss a report with F1’s Beyond the Grid Podcast from the past that claimed Sebastian Vettel was leaving Ferrari and joining Mercedes. The report was just a rumor, as nothing was official. But Vettel said, “I don’t know, maybe there was,”

Seb believes their pair would have been great, but it was just never meant to be. Going deep into the discussion, the German driver explained how he talked with Niki Lauda, who was Mercedes’s principal then. But it was just a talk because Sebastian was in the mid of Ferrari’s contract period, and the Scuderia was the only focus for him then. When he left Red Bull, Scuderia Ferrari welcomed him with high hopes, and reaching their expectation was more important for the 51 Grand Prix Winner rather than thinking of joining any other team.

Sebastian Vettel’s Only Target Was To Win With Ferrari, Never Had Interest In Mercedes

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel in Aston Martin

Vettel revealed that when the reports said about him joining the Silver Arrows, Lewis Hamilton was their No.1 driver. And it was very hard to predict if they would have liked ‘two lead drivers’ in one team. However, Sebastian himself had no big interest in joining Mercedes because he was committed to Ferrari, and his only dream was “to make that thing work”. You talk to each other, but it wasn’t really serious.” said the Aston Martin driver about when he was a Scuderian.

Besides, he admitted that at that time, “my focus was to win with Ferrari, and that was my target.” He didn’t want to change teams and win with Mercedes. Winning is what he loves, but winning with Ferrari was loved more and the greatest goal at that time.

Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel- Lewis Hamilton

During Vettel’s contract with Ferrari, he and Lewis Hamilton battled against each other for the 2017 and 2018 F1 championships. And, both the battles were won by the Briton. Hamilton has always impressed Sebastian Vettel. Even by being rivals, both have mutual respect and love. Talking of driving together with Lewis Hamilton in the same team, Vettel said, “I think it would have been a great challenge and I think I would have enjoyed that. But it just wasn’t meant to be.”