Sebastian Vettel In Support Of George Russell Over Lewis Hamilton To Secure F1 Championship Title

Sebastian Vettel George Russell

In recent updates, Sebastian Vettel has claimed that George Russell has the talent and skill to make him the world champion soon. Looks like one of the challenges that Lewis Hamilton might face next year is none other than his teammate George Russell. Even with the porpoising issues, the young Briton managed to win his maiden race in the first year of his deal with the Mercedes. In comparison, Hamilton passed a winless season with 35 points behind his teammate.

The overall performance of the Mercedes drivers differs by 35 points, and one Grand Prix wins this season. Defeating Hamilton in the driver\’s standings is really a big thing that only two of the past teammates had done. Earlier only Nico Rosberg and Jenson Button dared to overscore Hamilton. George Russell is the third to do so. Russell\’s first win with the weakest of Mercedes\’ entire-career car has tempted others to consider him a contender for the world title clinchers.


Recently, the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel, who retired from Formula one this year, came out to praise Russell. In a chat with Sky Sports, the reporter asked Vettel about George Russell winning a championship. Sebastian said, \”It is very difficult for him to say that. Yet, if he [Russell] gets the right car, equipment, and the right team, then he has got the talent and skill to win the world title.\”

Speaking of the \’right\’ things and place that is needed for Russell to win a championship, Sebastian said, \”I think he is in a good place.\” The former Aston Martin driver explained that talent and skill are not everything that is required. One also needs to be hard-working, which totally fits George Russell. \”So Yes, Russell has got a good chance to win a Formula One championship,\” said Sebastian Vettel.

George Russell A Warning For Lewis Hamilton In Winning Next Year\’s Championship.

Meanwhile, listening to what George Russell himself believes about him for winning next year\’s championship is more interesting. After finishing the 2022 season with his first victory in Formula One, Russell claimed that he had got enough experience. \”I feel ready to win a world championship now.\” said the 24-year-old Mercedes driver to Sky Sports in Abu Dhabi.

Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

This was the first season for George Russell with Lewis Hamilton as a partner. And, the experience of being teammates with a seven-time world has somehow emboldened Russell. Reviewing the case, Russell said, \”It has been huge for me to learn some details of being with Lewis\”. The Brit admitted that he has learned how to get more car cuts. Also, more out of the team and how to extract everything from the package when it really matters.

Nevertheless, George Russell is very much motivated for the 2023 season. Now he also has got encouraged by Sir Sebastian Vettel. Now, nothing can stop the young driver to give whatever he has got. Russell\’s motivation for winning races next can be considered as a big WARNING for Lewis Hamilton. Like this year, if Russell manages to beat Hamilton next year, too, then he will definitely add some value to his CV.

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