Russell Westbrook Breaking Incredible Records, Surpassed Magic Johnson With Historic Triple Double

Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are an unpredictable team, as if now in the league, because of their roller coaster form this season. At times they have lost against the teams they should have easily won the game, and other times they won the game from the huge teams easily. Although nothing can be said about the playoffs spot right now, the Lakers could be the one to shock everyone this season. Even the poorly constructed roaster is slowly coming into the rhythm.

After losing a game against the top side of the Eastern Conference on Wednesday, LA hosted Denver Nuggets on Friday. The game was a confidence builder for the team as they won it by a huge margin. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis left the court early due to his foot injury. So, in times of need, Russell Westbrook took charge to take his team to victory. Please keep reading to find out what spectacles he pulled off.

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook\’s Historic Triple Double

The Lakers played a great game on Friday as they easily won against a strong Denver Nuggets side. However, the win was just a part of the many records and achievements that were recorded in the game. It also involves LeBron leveling with legend Michael Jordan for the oldest player to score 30-plus points consecutively. This also included Russell Westbrook\’s multiple triple-doubles coming off the bench. The first one, however, came against the Philadelphia 76ers on the six-game away trip.

In the game against the 76ers, Russ leveled with the Lakers legend Magic Johnson, but he went ahead in the Nuggets game. Apart from breaking the record, he also scored 15 points, 11 rebounds, and 12 assists. And also contained the monstrous Nikola Jovic, who could hold the ability to change the game single-handedly. Moreover, Russell Westbrook could add more to this record, as nobody else has ever achieved this feat. The last person to do so was Oscar Robertson 11 years ago.

Russell Westbrook

With the role that the reserved point guard has adapted, it will become much easier for him to add to his tally. Additionally, Russell Westbrook is also seen as the sixth man of the year. Meanwhile, LeBron James is also not so far away from breaking the two all-time scoring and triple-doubles in the history of the NBA. It looks like King James would leave the game at an all-time high of the NBA superstars.

Russell Westbrook has not had one of the best seasons since arriving in LA. The 34-year-old was always criticized for his bad performances as he could not fit in with Davis and James on the team. However, the new head coach provided him with the unique opportunity to revive his almost-dead career with the Lakers. And listening to Darvin Ham allowed him to become the sixth man of the year.

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