Last weekend, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen added another win to his list of this year’s Grand Prix win at Zandvoort. The Dutchman effortlessly kept his lead for almost the entire race and won his home race for the orange army. It was evident that the Red Bull car was working beyond amazing, and that led Verstappen to win his tenth race of the season. The seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton also couldn’t stop praising the rival Red Bull and their efficient car amid driving a slumping Mercedes f1 car.

Max Verstappen Praises Lewis Hamilton, Emphasis On Driver’s Skills

Lately, Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton praised the efficiency of Red Bull’s car. The Briton reckoned that his dominance was down to Adrian Newey’s design. Moreover, in his eyes, it’s no surprise that Red Bull is kissing clouds with their successful RB18 in Newey’s expertise. Meanwhile, when it was mentioned to Red Bull’s lead driver Max Verstappen, he accepted the fact that their car is a “super important” part of his success. However, he emphasized that a driver’s skill and talent are also vital to winning a race.

Red Bull

By taking the example of the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, Verstappen stated that his abilities as also key for many of his seven crowns. As his statement reads, “That’s how it goes in Formula One. Your car is super-important, but I think when you’re an exceptional driver like, of course, Lewis is as well, you make a difference over your team-mate at the time because in very crucial races as well.”

The praise did not end here. Max Verstappen further mentioned the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix, where Lewis Hamilton won despite all the rain and the slip caused by that. The Red Bull driver stated that when it was very slippery, by just staying calm and not making mistakes, one wins a race like that. And according to him, that’s what good drivers do at the end of the day.

Red Bull’s Adrian Newey The Only Designer With Ground-Effect Rules Experience

Lately, Red Bull’s Chief Technical Officer Adrian Newey also accepted the fact that he is one of the only engineers left on the current grid with the ground-effect rules experience from the 1980s. Newey even agreed that he has experience in issues like porpoising from other racing series like sportscars. And that understanding has helped him for Red Bull’s design to attain a comfortable car without any such issues.

Even Lewis Hamilton honored Adrian Newey’s skill and revealed that “He did his thesis on ground-effect floors. I mean it’s no surprise, to be honest. He’s one of the only ones that draw by hand the design of cars.” So without a doubt, the Red Bull CTO’s experience has been an advantage for the team.