After confronting the cost cap fiasco this year, Red Bull is under a penalty that deducts 10% of aerodynamics testing for next year. The team clinched both the driver’s and constructor’s championships of the 2022 F1 season. With this, they also get only 63 percent of the full wind tunnel running for next season. But according to team Mercedes, this will prove very crucial for Red Bull to serve the same strong game next season as they were this season.

Meanwhile, Mercedes finished third in the constructors this year. It allows the team to get a lot of extra running as compared to Red Bull. Mercedes has approximately 80% relief in WindTunnel runnings which is statistically 27% more than the rival team Red Bull. On the other hand, Ferrari, who is at second, gets 75% which equals 240 running tests for 2023. Apparently, the WindTunnel testing holds a very important factor in the overall championship.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff reckons that there are several challenges that arise only because a team gets less testing allowance. Now, for Red Bull, the upcoming year is bringing big challenges in terms of aerodynamic compromise. The team has only got approximately 202 runs, way too less than Mercedes. Toto Wolff believes that this will be harder for Red Bull because they can’t really invest more in order to get the outcome quicker.

Mercedes Is Closer To The 2023 Championship After Red Bull’s Deduction In WindTunnel Testing

According to Wolff, Red Bull’s penalty for a minor cost breach in 2021 will have an impact on the 2023 championship. He thinks that the aerodynamics regulations are designed that need more testing, and a 25% less wind tunnel test can have an effect.

With the disadvantages that Red Bull gets next year, it brings advantages to several teams to jump up from where they stand at present. Not only this, Toto believes that the way the regulations and the ATR restrictions are set in place is very much compatible for the back teams to come at the front.

Toto Wolff & Christian Horner (Red Bull)
Toto Wolff & Christian Horner

This year remained dreadful for the Silver Arrows. But for next year, Toto Wolff is very much hopeful. Team Mercedes has admitted that they have analyzed W13 throughout the season for the worst performance and figured out where they went wrong. Engineers have finally developed a perfect design that will be constructed in the Mercedes factory this winter. Wolff believes that they are very much closer to the 2023 championship title because if one lasts, it gets 40% more. This is clearly an advantage that a team has to utilize.

Red Bull is a brilliant racing team. But for Toto, this motivates him extra. Apparently, Mercedes has been a bit closer to Ferrari in the closing races. Now Mercedes has got to push a little more so that it can finally get the closest to the championship next year.