Red Bull\’s 2023 Championship Title In Danger Because Of FIA\’s Extreme Penalties! Christian Horner Furious

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Red Bull may have won both the championship campaign of 2022 with 17 spectacular Grand Prix wins. But, with that came very reputational damage with a 10% allowance in Wind Tunnel tests and a $7 million fine. The penalty that the reigning champion team got for breaching the 2021 cost cap budget will majorly impact the drivers when they seek to clinch next year\’s championship. As a result, Pierre Wache, Red Bull\’s technical director, is feeling \’angry\’, especially about Mercedes and Ferrari, whenever he remembers the penalty.

When Red Bull was alleged for overspending (approx by $7 million) the cost cap of 2021 during the Singapore Grand Prix of this season, two of the most vocal rivals were Mercedes and Ferrari. Toto Wolff and Mattia Binotto apparently had become a team together to stand against the Prancing Horses. Both Wolff and Binotto were found together several times in the Mercedes paddock discussing what penalty Red Bull should deserve. Wolff suggested that the breached amount had helped Max Verstappen win his maiden title.


On the other hand, Mattia Binotto reckoned that the Milton-Keynes-based team would have hired a good engineer in that amount. Even McLaren\’s boss Zack Brown claimed Red Bull committed \’cheating\’. Perhaps the wrath from fellow rivals inspired FIA to dare not to take the matter lightly. Thus, Red Bull had to face strict punishments. And, surprisingly when FIA did the final findings, they discovered that the team in actual had not breached the budget intentionally. It was just a mistake, as the team forgot to submit the tax credits.

Red Bull Annoyed By FIA\’s Regulations

Officially, the 2022 constructor\’s champion team was found guilty of breaching the 2021 budget just by $0.5 million, which was really very minor. Yet the team got slapped with a $7 million fine with a 10% reduction in the aerodynamics development. And yet, the rivals considered it a \”very light\” penalty. The fact that Mercedes and Ferrari wanted the penalty to be so strict for Red Bull annoys Wache.


Pierre Wache believes that Red Bull\’s \”main tool in the development of F1 cars during the season\” is wasted because of the penalty. Speaking with RacingNews365, he said, \”When people say that the penalty is not severe, it makes me angry.\” The penalty is indeed severe because Red Bull is now handicapped, claimed Red Bull\’s technical director.

Moreover, looking at the rules and how things have been set up for 2023, Red Bull is already damaged inside. The fact that FIA introduced the system and the teams agreed to them hurts Wache. There is a rule in Formula One that the team who wins the constructor\’s championship gets the least advantage in their Wind Tunnel tests.

The allowance in aerodynamics development differs by 5% between the two different positions in the ranking of the contenders. Because the team won the championship, it was only applicable for 70% of the allowance. And this got decreased by 10% due to the penalty. So, if it annoys the Red Bull technical head, it is quite reasonable.

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