Red Bull-Honda Internal Disputes Rising Again! Helmut Marko Suspects A Need For Tough Decision

Red Bull Helmut Marko

With Honda\’s signing individually in the FIA engine manufacturing deal of 2026, Red Bull has also announced their own Powertrains establishment. Now, the Japanese engine brand is looking for a team that is probably not Red Bull with whom they can start their own identity in Formula One after 2026. Meanwhile, Red Bull\’s technical head, Helmut Marko, came out to reveal that Red Bull is not yet 100% sure about their possible partnership chances with Honda in the future times. Helmut also revealed that a decision in the team is necessary to be made soon, which will definitely not be an easy task.

Back in 2021, Honda\’s contract period with Red Bull was over. Yet the company allowed to share their engines with the Milton-Keynes-based team for 2022. And by doing so, Honda made itself the most highlighted engine manufacturer brand in Formula One. Seeing how the 25-year-old, Max Verstappen, won his second F1 world championship this year in Suzuka, the homeland of Honda. They got impressed enough to announce a stronger bond with a strengthened contract line. But all of that is until 2025 because, in 2026, the pair are parting their ways differently.

Honda RB18

For 2023 Red Bull is already under Honda\’s engine manufacturing factory, creating a new name for the machine, \’Honda RBPT\’ with their own Powertrains. Honda has been happy to share its partnership with Max Verstappen\’s team for three more years. But what the team will do after 2025 is still unknown. Will Red Bull make their own engine manufacturing company, or will they need some support from their old partner Honda? This is a matter of big concern for the 2022 constructor\’s champion team.

Red Bull Has No Engine Partner After 2026! Honda Ready To Split

However, throwing light on the current situation of the Red Bull and Honda partnership, the team\’s technical head Helmut Marko spoke with Auto Motor und Sport. He said, \”It is a tensed situation that has a past [history].\” He explained that when Honda revealed its withdrawal from the 2022 champion team two years ago, the team had nothing at all in the first phase of the situation. When they asked for Honda to continue, they sounded not interested in doing so. However, later, the Japanese company continued to share its engines.

Max Verstappen, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko

Now, there at present or in the upcoming few years, this is not a problem for Red Bull. But for the long-term future forecasting, there is huge stress revolving around the Austrian motor racing game. For future concerns, Helmut Marko said, \”When we will have to decide who will provide engines from 2026, it will become difficult.\” He revealed that the team was going with the plan that, no worries, Honda was there.

But now, with Honda\’s independent registration in F1, the plan is no more secured. The need for electrical parts in Red Bull still does not have any other option than Honda. But no one knows what happens. Maybe Honda changes their mind till then, or the Milton-Keynes-based outfit finds someone else or makes something their own! Whatever it is, now anyhow, \”A decision will be made soon\” in Red Bull, as said by Helmut Marko.

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