It looks like Red Bull has got jinxed with their recent uproar. Until now, it was almost sure that Max Verstappen would be at the top track in the Italian Grand Prix. However, things have started to unturn for the Dutchman after the practice sessions. In the qualifying round, Verstappen secured P4, while his title contender, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, secured his 8th pole of the 2022 season. To the fans surprise, Mercedes’ George Russell secured P2 while Lando Norris clinched P3 for McLaren.

Evidently, Max Verstappen is having some issue with his RB13 which is delaying home to staying at the top of the grid. On Friday as well, the Red Bull was the second bottom. He was just 1mph ahead of the slowest Haas, while Ferrari topped there as well. As per the reports of Data Autosport, Red Bull is quicker than Ferrari from the sprint out of the first chicane through Curva Grande, the second chicane, Ascari, and out of the final corner previously known as Parabolica. But still, Red Bull is not leading the Monza track as they should have. But what is the reason behind that? Keep reading to find out.

Red Bull Technical Director Discloses The Reason Behind Verstappen’s Lag

Apparently, as Red Bull’s technical director Pierre Wache, the comparatively slow speeds were down to a deliberately higher downforce rear wing configuration. This means that the engine is not the reason behind the RB13’s slow pace. “It is clearly due to the level of drag we run on the car. It looks like, relative to the others, higher. As you saw, we didn’t change the rear wings compared to the other tracks,” Wache revealed while discussing the issue. This situation is coming up even when Red Bull brought a low-drag rear wing with a trimmed flap for Monza. On the other hand, Ferrari is going at full speed with their three-rear wings.

Red Bull

Red Bull is avid to using the same tactic despite other teams using beam wings. However, they are intact to use the tech as they clinched the 2013 Italian Grand Prix with Sebastian Vettel using the same tactic. According to their strategy, they will deploy a short seventh gear ratio and greater downforce. This will help them to better accelerate out of the corners to spend less time on the straights in total despite carrying less speed.

On the other hand, principal Christian Horner has ruled out turning down the tune as Max Verstappen is already taking a five-place grid penalty. Therefore, with securing P4 at the qualifying, the Dutchman will now start at P9 in tomorrow’s race at Monza.