Red Bull Bringing Updates In Their 2023 F1 Car To Beat Mercedes, Confirms Advisor Helmut Marko

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Red Bull might have won both the Formula One campaign this year by giving Mercedes a very deep wound. But they are still afraid that maybe next year, the Silver Arrows will have a strong comeback, and then Red Bull will face difficult challenges. To prevent any risk in clinching Red Bull\’s next year\’s championship, the team is ready to make some changes in order to make the RB18 more strong.

Helmut Marko has claimed that the team will make \”some changes\” in the car this winter break despite accepting that Max Verstappen is already dominating in F1. The Milton-Keynes-Based outfit will take time to make their car the strongest for next year so that Mercedes could never even dare to match them. Speaking with Gazzetto Dello Sport, Marko suggested, \”Red Bull is convinced we have s very competitive car. But there are some changes needed to be made and it will take time.\”

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Unfortunately, the 2022 champion team remained surrounded by controversies. One of which gave Red Bull a long-term wound in the name of a cost cap breach penalty. The team now has got a 10% deduction in the Wind Tunnel tests. And, as the team has won the constructor\’s championship, it has already got a 10% less allowance than Mercedes. These can be counted as the big disadvantages for the team for next year.

Red Bull had to submit a $7 million fine for breaching the 2021 budget by $2.2 million. Even though Red Bull\’s boss denied accepting being guilty of breaching the budget, he accepted the penalty agreement letter. Otherwise, this matter would have been dragged till months.

Red Bull Seeks More Developments In Order To Beat Mercedes Next Year

Now that the team has accepted the penalty, it will have to suffer the outcomes. When Mercedes gets 20% more advantage in the CDF development, Red Bull will have to wait because of the penalty. They have got 17% less development allowance than Red Bull and 12% less allowance than Ferrari. The Scuderia team was the runner-up in the constructor\’s championship.

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When the team was slapped with such a penalty, Christian Horner called it draconian. He believed that the amount of $7 million as a fine is high, which is not even a problem. But the 10% reduction in CDF development for 12 months is just too harsh for what they are guilty of. Christian Horner knows that Red Bull will have to face serious consequences just because of the penalty. It may also affect Max Verstappen\’s performance next year and prevent him from becoming a three consecutive world champion.

Meanwhile, Mercedes has already promised its fans to give them a better result next year. The Silver Arrows are preparing for a strong setback in 2023. The team is going to utilize the advantages they have got over Red Bull and going to rock in the upcoming season. These are the claims of Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. And these are the concerns for Red Bull that do not allow the team to feel free until they make the perfect car with updates.

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