Red Bull 2023 Update: \”Room For Improvements\” In Next F1 Season, Claims Boss Christian Horner

Red Bull Crash

Red Bull, not to mention, is the team with the strongest F1 cars. The Milton-Keynes-based team won the constructor\’s championship this time after eight years of gap. Not to forget its drivers, who, in combination, have triumphed 17 Grand Prix races. Max Verstappen alone won 15 races, the most in a season, with the help of RB18. On one end, where the team is being praised for their car, at the other end, the team figures some \”room for improvements\” in the car.

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko believes that the passing season was not the best, and to bring the best, the car needs some improvements. In the overall race analysis team, the team pointed out some issues they faced. If Red Bull wants to get its dominance to prevail for long, then it still has a lot of homework to do.

Team Red Bull

Talking to Sports Bil, Helmut Marko said, \”We want to be similarly dominant in 2023. Despite it being difficult, there is always room for improvement in Red Bull.\” Initially, in the season, the reigning champion team was facing disappointments. The rival team, Ferrari\’s Charles Leclerc, won three of the starting races, which concerned the racing team. But the team did not get motivated, they immediately started analyzing the mistakes and found out that RB18 is heavier than F1-75. As soon as the team mended the overweight issue of Verstappen\’s car, he started defeating Ferrari drivers till the end of the season.

Red Bull Cars Lost Their Pace In Brazil, This Can\’t Happen In 2023, Said Helmut Marko

The team made such great progress that Max Verstappen lifted the world title even before 4 of the season\’s races were yet to happen. In the entire 2022 season, Ferrari struggled to get back their pace, and Mercedes failed to come nearest to the Red Bull cars. And others on the grid could not even challenge the team. Everyone forgot how the contractor\’s champion team was playing initially because they spectacularly managed to hide that with 17 wins.


Now, in the winter break, the team is trying to develop the same strong car (stronger to be more precise). Helmut Marko claims that their team still \”has room for improvement in reliability.\” In the first three races of the season, RB18 was retired three times because of technical errors. And, also in Brazil the car suddenly started to lose pace. \”Team Red Bull indeed had an exceptional season. But everything was not perfect,\” reckoned Marko.

However, Helmut Marko has ensured that the team is ready and 100% confident to battle next year with whoever comes in between the car and the title. Top engineers are preparing the \”perfect\” car under the Red Bull factory this winter. The car will be mended with every bit of problems, including the little mistakes that Marko mentioned above. Red Bull has already announced the beginning of its era, and now the team doesn\’t want to move back.

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