\”People Will Forget Ronaldo Soon,\” Claims Christian Eriksen After His Man United Departure


Cristiano Ronaldo has had a lot of setbacks in the year 2022, from personal to professional losses. Manchester United terminated his contract just before the World Cup because of his explosive and critical interview with Piers Morgan. It was quite clear that the five-time Ballon D\’Or winner was not happy at Old Trafford. He did not have a good bond with the United boss Erik ten Hag, which led to him starting the games from the bench. And it became the regular norm as he used to play only in the Europa League games.

The Red Devils were unhappy with how Cristiano criticized the club and owner. And giving interviews also made him breach his contract, which led to the termination of his contract before time. But it did not affect the former Real Madrid legend, as he wanted out of the club anyways. But his legacy at the club will stay forever as Man United has done a lot for Ronaldo and vice versa. Meanwhile, Eriksen makes some interesting comments on Ronaldo\’s departure from the club.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Christian Eriksen On Cristiano Ronaldo\’s Departure

The farewell that Ronaldo received from United was the most unlikely one, as he had a rich history with the club. But the circumstances have controlled the flow of Mr. Champions League. But Christian Eriksen displays affection towards Cristiano. The 30-year-old midfielder feels sad that Ronaldo left the club. He also expressed his gratitude as he got the opportunity to play with one of the greatest footballers. However, he understands the ruthless nature of the game, which keeps going and does not wait for anyone. At last, he said his legacy and name will always be associated with Manchester United.

Meanwhile, there is no clarification of Ronaldo\’s next move, but he has a massive offer from a Saudi Arabian club. But Al Nassr\’s president has denied all the speculation regarding Cristiano. And he also stated that everything in the media is a lie. The Euro Cup winner has responded yet. However, accepting the deal would also make him the face of Saudi as they plan to bid for the 2030 World Cup. In the meantime, Ronaldo Jr. has joined Real Madrid academy, which gives different signs for his future. However, the highest All time International scorer looks far from joining his ex-club, Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese striker\’s disappointment at the World Cup must have been his all-time low. The World Cup in Qatar was his last chance to put his hands over the trophy. Although the campaign began with a bang, and Ronaldo scored a penalty, he later struggled to come off the bench. The former Juventus forward faced similar things in the World Cup that he did in United. In the end, Cristiano left the pitch crying as his hopes to lift the trophy were all done and dusted. After the World Cup, a new struggle to find a new club began.

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