One More Mistake And Max Verstappen Out Of Formula One! FIA Warns Red Bull To Stay Alert

Max Verstappen

Red Bull won both the 2022 F1 championship campaigns proudly! But with this, they have got some threats too. The season had been the best in terms of scores but worst in terms of reputation for Red Bull. This year Red Bull was found guilty of breaching the cost budget in 2021. FIA slapped the team with a fine of $7 million and a 10% deduction in the wind tunnel test time for 12 months for breaching the budget by $0.5 million. FIA received an angry response from Red Bull\’s rival team because they demanded a strict sanction which was the opposite of what Red Bull actually got as a punishment.

Even after FIA\’s judgment, the majority of the F1 fans still believe that Red Bull did not get the perfect penalty yet. They believe that the driver who won the championship with the help of the budget-breached amount should get a ban from the sport if the team repeats the mistake again, even once.


61% of F1 Fans Asked For Red Bull\’s Ban If They Repeat The Mistake Again

In a survey done by Express Sport, they found that 61.4% of the readers believe that Red Bull got a very soft penalty and the team should be banned if the future finds them guilty again of breaching the budget. Their survey had around 4,000 people\’s suggestions. Out of which only 40% of the people claimed that FIA had given the perfect penalty. And the rest remained angry.

When in 2021, FIA introduced the cost cap regulation, all the expensive teams were furious to know that they only had a $145 million allowance. How could they even manage things with such a low budget? FIA implemented the rule, keeping in mind the fact that the backward teams will get a chance of being the same competitive. FIA wanted a financially stable scenario in F1 with threats of strict sanctions for those who breached it.

Max Verstappen with Christian Horner – Red Bull

Red Bull was one of those teams who raised their voice against the cost cap budget rule. Right then, the team\’s principal, Christian Horner, gave a statement claiming that remaining under the cap is impossible. And so it was. The Milton Keynes based became the only team to commit the rule break. So FIA did not spare them and gave the required punishment.

Now, what will happen next year is another big curiosity raising in fans\’ minds. Will Red Bull again be found guilty of breaching the budget? Or they will be found an innocent team in the 2022\’s FIA findings. Meanwhile, the penalty that the team is suffering for breaching last year\’s budget is not soft for Red Bull itself. Christain Horner claimed the budget to be \”draconian\”. He explained that Red Bull is accepting the penalty agreement letter begrudgingly because they don\’t want a prosecution that takes months.

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