Once Again, It\’s Yankees Vs. Giants? But This Time It Is Not For Aaron Judge!

Carlos Correa

The fight for Aaron Judge is over, as he chose his legacy over the dollars. But this does not mark the end of the fight between the Yankees and the Giants. If the baseball world has forgotten about Carlos Correa amid the controversies of Aaron Judge, then it is time to remember him. He is the only fish in the pond, for which the teams can ignite the battle again.

A very long-time MLB insider Buster Olney came out to suspect another deal negotiations fight between the Yankees and the Giants for Carlos Correa. And, predicting his future team at present, Olney can only see \”The Yankees\” standing first in the line. In the 95.7 The Game\’s \”Willard and Dibs\” on Friday, Buster told the host, Mark Willard, and Dan Dibley, \”I am definitely picking up a lot of vibes there[In Yankees].

New York has already signed Aaron Judge to a $360 million deal. But they are working on something big. I wish I could tell you the exact words. But Carlos Correa, let\’s face it! Among all the free agents available at present, Carlos would be the biggest way to go.\”


Aaron Judge is already in New York, Xander Bogaerts in San Diego, and McCovey Cove is probably in San Francisco. Now only Carlos Correa is left on the table. For which Olney does not see anyone else more interested than the Yankees. Speaking deep into the matter, he explained that Giants had not gotten deeply into the conversation yet, for the sake of dollars. Naming the teams who might develop an interest in offering deals for Carlos, Olney said, Cubs, the Twins, The Red Sox, and the Yankees.

Yankees Want Carlos Correa, But The Twins Ready To Offer $400 million

Offering a $360 million deal to Aaron Judge has tagged the Yankees as the \’bold mover\’. If they take another bold move to hire Correa to the team, then no one would get a shock. On the opening day of 2023, there are higher possibilities that the Yankees will feature the 2022 AL MVP with Carlos Correa. Then probably, the Giants and Mitch Hanger will get hurt.

Correa is just 28 and spent the 2022 world series with the Twins, who are again in demand for Minnesota. And the Twins are so impressed by the player that they are even ready to pay $400 million. This means Correa will be getting $40 million more than Aaron Judge if he accepts their offer.

Carlos Correa

On Friday, while suggesting the Yankee\’s interest in Correa, Olney also named the Twins, who desperately want their star back. According to Olney, there will be huge clashes between the MLB baseball teams just because of Correa, the same as it happened to Aaron Judge. However, no teams have yet announced anything. So. let\’s see if the Twins Or the Yankees feature Carlos Correa on the 2023 Opening Day.

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