No One Will Stand With Max Verstappen & Red Bull If The Dutch Driver Focuses On \”I\” Rather Than \”We\”.

Sergio Perez Max Verstappn

Max Verstappen showed what he really is in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix after committing a selfish move against his teammate Sergio Perez. Many fans of the Dutch driver have got disappointed that their hero is not even sorry for what he did. He instead mentioned some unknown \”reasons\” why he could not let Checo pass him. As a result, many people are criticizing the two-time world champion for not following the team\’s order on track. Amid the controversy, Former F1 driver Pedro de la Rosa has stepped in, weighing in against Max Verstappen.

The former F1 driver, De la Rosa, has raced a total of 107 Grand Prix races for Arrows, Jaguar, Sauber, HRT, and MacLaren. He apparently has some experience with other drivers and how things work in Formula one, for which Max Verstappen is not coming along. Rosa says that Verstappen\’s behavior is not acceptable and will create problems in the long run deal with Red Bull.

Pedro de la Rosa

Referring to Max Verstappen\’s behavior as recorded in the Brazilian Grand Prix, the former Formula One driver said, \”I think it\’s the team\’s job to make him understand why it [not letting Sergio Perez ahead] is wrong.\”

De la Rosa believes that Verstappen has to understand his mistakes because it is very important to do if he wants to have a \”loyal squire as Max has had in Checo.\” Naturally, the meaning of a team is working together. If one always goes for \”I\” and never for \”We,\” then who will want to work with someone like that?

No Formula One Driver Will Work With Max Verstappen If He Does Not Reform His Selfish Nature

Max Verstappen has won this season\’s world championship title and has the highest points in the driver\’s standings. No one on earth can move the Red Bull ace from where he is at present. Furthermore, he has broken all the records for most victories in a season with 14 wins. On the other hand, his teammate Sergio Perez has just won two Grand Prix races and attained 290 points.

Initially, in the 2022 season, Checo struggled with the Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, to stand second in the driver\’s championship. However, in the Brazilian GP, Leclerc battled with almost everyone and incredibly reached fourth from last, surpassing Checo. The Ferrari driver clinched P4 and the required points to replace Sergio Perez in second place. Now both the drivers will head to Abu Dhabi with a tie of 290 points.

Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in The Brazilian Grand Prix

In the closing laps of Interlagos, safety car restart and medium tyres became the reasons for Checo\’s troubles. Following the issue, team Red Bull made a strategy to let Max Verstappen pass through to battle with Alonso Fernando, who was running fifth. The condition was that if he could not, Checo\’s position would be returned to him. But when Max\’s radio prompted and asked him to return to his teammate\’s place, he simply denied it. Max stated, \”don\’t ask that again to me. Okay? I already gave my reasons for it, and I stand by it\”.

Red Bull drivers

Ultimately, Max Verstappen\’s behavior prevented Sergio Perez from reaching ahead and battling with his nearest rival, Charles Leclerc. Although, the issue is done and dusted now as both the Red Bull drivers are talked out of the issue. However, if Max continues to be selfish, then no one will like to work with him. De La Rosa believes that nobody would like to work for the two-time world champion \”if they know that he is going to pay them back in this coin later.\” said the former F1 driver.

However, Red Bull\’s principal, Christian Horner, has admitted that the drivers are okay with each other and are heading to Abu Dhabi. He claimed that Max Verstappen would help his teammate Sergio Perez to attain a second position in the driver\’s championship by battling with the Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

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