New York Yankees Now In Discussions With The Twins & Diamondbacks For The Outfielders!


The Yankees have been under the spotlight since when the 2022 world series ended for their player\’s selection. First, for Aaron Judge\’s return and controversial contracts, then for Carlos Correa, and now for the outfielders. Reportedly, the Yankees are making trade discussions with the Twins and Diamondbacks on the topic of \’available outfielders\’ as Joel Sherman of the New York Post reported.

The Yankees have Harrison Bader in the center of the field and Aaron Judge in the right. However, there is no strong player to stand on the left side of the field as Andrew Benintendi entered his free agency period. The in-house options available to the New York baseball team are only Aaron Hicks and Oswaldo Cabrera. Hicks has become 33 and has recorded .211- .322- .317 scores in the past two years which is quite low for the Yankees to become the strongest Baseball team.

Minnesota Twins

Meanwhile, Cabrera has only 44 games under his achievements, he just debuted in the major league. He is a great infielder, which does not justify the fact that he is also a great outfielder. Currently, Cabrera is just learning with all force to meet the standards of being a Yankees outfielder, which makes him a utility option instead of an everyday player.

These Are The Players In Options For The Yankees Outfielders Trade

Nevertheless, the Yankees are already proven insane when they come out to upgrade the team. The trade partners this time includes the Twins, which has Max Kepler. He might be of interest to the Bronx. Not only Max, but Minnesota also has a lot of other options on the roster, including Trevor Larncah, Alex Kirilloff, Kyle Garlick, Gilberto Celestino, Nick Gordon, Royce Lewis, Mark Contreras, and Matt Wallner. These are the names that might go in the trade with the Twins and the Yanks.

Arizona Diamondbacks

Mostly, Kepler attracts the Bombers because his contract to stay in MLB is less than three years. Also, he has hit right around the league average with .232/.317/.427 career points. He is statistically a consistent and productive player who has produced at least 2.0 wins above the replacement in each of the last six full seasons. So, if one wants to say that Max Kepler might be in the Yankees, it will be of no shock.

And, now let\’s talk about the Diamondbacks, who are filled with young passionate outfielders. Arizona\’s always famous in the trade discussions of MLB. The team has Corbin Carroll as the best young player on the team. Besides, the club has Daulton Varsho, Alek Thomas, Pavin Smith, Jake McCarthy, Dominic Fletcher, and Kyle Lewis as passionate outfielders who can be good options for the team to go in a trade with the Yankees.

Max Kepler

So now, the trade is already in process, and the options have also been revealed. Soon fans will get to know who leaves the Yankees and joins them. On an opening day next year, the Yankees will most likely feature Max Kepler from the Twins.

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