Mercedes W14 Fired Up! The Racing Team Will Unveil The Beast Soon

Mercedes 2022

After being a team who faces porpoising issues and remains out of the title contention, Mercedes do not want to repeat the mistakes again in 2023. The team now knows what wrong Mercedes did this year that caused them to break the astonishing winning streaks they have been maintaining since 2013. Now that the winter break is here, the lights of the Mercedes factory are lightened all night. The engineers are preparing hard to remove the porpoising bumpy issues of W13 and make a brand new W14 with a changed DNA. The engine of the new Mercedes car is fired up for the first time. This suggests the milestone that the team has adopted in the 2023 car development.

Recently, just ahead of the Christmas shutdown, the Brackley-based team shared a video of the factory as the W14 was brought to life for its first test. Mercedes released a clip on all their social media channels featuring the important moments of the winter break. The video included the staff, engineers, workers, and colleagues working as the engine was fired up. Everyone was wearing the earbuds in order to stifle the irritating noise coming from inside the Mercedes factory.

Mercedes W14 Unveil Date Not Announced Yet

W14\’s first words! 🤩

Firing up our 2023 @F1 car…

— Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team (@MercedesAMGF1) December 22, 2022

However, the video did not reveal a single detail about how the car has been changed this year. Everything was hidden except the confidence that the Silver Arrows had. The final look of the W14 is yet to be unveiled, and also the date of release is yet to be announced. So far, no big teams have announced their 2023 car unveil date except for Ferrari and Aston martin. The Scuderia will be launching their F1-675 on the 13th of February. And, the Martins will launch their brand-new car on the 14th of February.

The Christmas Vacation is beginning, and before the closing team, Mercedes is trying to achieve their landmark. This year\’s winter break must have been different than all the previous ones. This time each staff of teh Silver Arrows is hurt, disappointed, shattered, yet motivated. The engineers had to build a solution that would remove teh porpoising issues of the car first felt in Imola by Lewis Hamilton. The making W14 as the strongest car on teh grid for 2023 must have been troublesome for the team.


However, Mercedes might have won more than a single race this season. But, the team has done proper analyses this year. When Red Bull and Ferrari were fighting in the title contention, Mercedes was counting their mistakes and learning from them. These learnings will not go in vain. Toto Wolff has promised that the time Mercedes learned this year would be the time Red Bull and Others will regret next year. Wolff has already revealed that this year the Silver Arrows, unfortunately, proceeded with the wrong concept. He said, \”even the best of us can do mistakes and make a wrong concept.\” What matters is not repeating teh same mistake again.

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