As per the statistics and the performance, the new Formula One technical regulations have favored only Red Bull in the 2022 season. Their lead driver Max Verstappen is all set to clinch the 2022 Championship title with a major 116 points lead over the second-positioned Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc. On the other hand, Ferrari & Mercedes had to face a big set of troubles, ranging from porpoising to reliability and more. On top of that, the grid penalty situation is taking the drama up a notch. And now, Ferrari Boss Mattia Binotto is raising his voice on the current limit on power unit parts leading to enormous penalties for the drivers.

Mattia Binotto Questions Engine Rules & Penalty System

This year, Ferrari got drastically stuck in the middle range of the formula one race. Initially, Charles Leclerc took the pace and won Bahrain & Australian Grand Prix. However, the reliability issues took a major hold on the Italian racing team. And as a result, Max Verstappen set up a major lead on Leclerc. The Scuderia has suffered a total of six DNFs until now, in which four of which were sudden power unit stoppages. However, the limit on power unit count has led to another issue for Ferrari, because of which they are unable to secure victories at the races.

Ferrari Mattia Binotto

According to the Ferrari boss, the big dilemma over the grid position at the Italian Grand Prix was an important red flag. He pointed out that FIA should consider raising the engine allowance for next season. As reported, the upcoming 2023 Formula One season is going to be the longest one ever, with 24 races scheduled to find their ultimate World Formula One champion. Mattia reckoned that the confusion in the grid position as a result of the penalty is unjust as the regulation is not clear enough.

As the Ferrari Boss stated,

“That‘s something we need to address certainly for the future — I think not only how we decide the grid position based on the penalties, I think the amount of penalties we got as well is too many.”

Mercedes Considering All Options For 2023 Formula One Concept

Evidently, Mercedes had an awful year in terms of racing after almost securing the title in 2021. Their W13 car had a serious porpoising issue almost till the first half of 2022. And even still, Lewis Hamilton is struggling to clinch his first win of the season. Clearly, the new technology drivers were not enough for the German car to secure top-track positions. And now, they are ready to explore all options for their 2023 concept formula one car.

Mercedes Formula One

Lately, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff pointed out that they have a very fine window to finalize the concept for their 2023 car. They are aiming to explore all the best scenarios and wholesale changes to return to title contention next season. George Russell also mentioned that Mercedes is all set to completely revolutionize its car for the next season if it thinks the current novel design can’t be improved.