Evidently, Mercedes is not in its best form in this year’s championship. They have been trailing behind Red Bull & Ferrari since the start of the season. And even still, they are sitting as the third-best team in the drivers and constructors championship. The German team’s lead driver Lewis Hamilton has also been in an utter drought of points and podiums this year. Until now, the former world champion has been unable to secure his first race win of the season. However, their new recruit for 2022, George Russell, brought consistent points for the team throughout the championship so far. Russell is the only driver who has been in the top five in every Grand Prix this season, except for the British GP, where he suffered a DNF.

Achieving such a good and consistent lead over his team-mate Hamilton proves Russell’s performance. George Russell is currently at the fourth position in the driver’s standings, while sadly, Lewis Hamilton is at sixth. Although recently, the young Briton has waved his gratitude for having a team-mate like Lewis Hamilton. Not only that, but the pairing has also resulted in some increased skills for Russell behind the wheel.


Lewis Hamilton Is The Reason For George Russell’s Amazing Performance

The 24-year-old Mercedes driver started his Formula One journey at Williams. However, things changed for George Russell since his move to Mercedes in 2022. Until last year, Valtteri Bottas was paired with the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. However, Bottas’ move to Alpha Romeo resulted in bringing the young Briton to the outfit. Apparently, Russell took his work seriously and now has a 35-point lead over Hamilton with six races of the season remaining.

And recently, Russell revealed the reason behind such a great performance. According to the Briton, Lewis Hamilton’s experience and the lessons from statistically the ‘greatest driver of all time’ has increased Russell’s skill set. George Russell mentioned, “Firstly, I feel so fortunate being team-mates with Lewis because it has given me such an opportunity to see his strengths and where I can learn from him, and he is definitely very strong in certain areas”. The Silver Arrows driver revealed that Hamilton is always very strong in low-speed corners and under braking. And for Russell, it has been interesting to see Hamilton’s approach to certain issues and how he goes about it.

George Russell Mercedes

George Russell believes that his skills definitely developed after he arrived at Mercedes. And he passed all the credits for his success to his team-mate Lewis Hamilton. “There is no doubt that I have probably widened that envelope of my driving skills by being his (Lewis Hamilton) team-mate,” Russell added.