Mercedes Found George Russell WAY BETTER Than Lewis Hamilton After Performance Analysis

Lewis Hamilton-George Russell

The 2022 Formula One World Championship had no place for Mercedes. The team did everything they could and still could not meet the standards. Lewis Hamilton, the star of Mercedes, is just shattered by all means in terms of losing this year. The Mercedes driver lost the records he made to win a race every season he participated in. He also could not make a position under the top 5 contenders, while his teammate George Russell succeeded. Hamilton evidently scored the least in his entire career in 2022. The year was unlucky for both Lewis and his family, Mercedes.

However, it was a lucky year for at least someone in the Silver Arrows. 2022 was great for the one who won his maiden F1 race, who protected Mercedes from falling into the winless category, and who recorded his best performance of the sports career. For George Russell, who joined Mercedes this year and won the Brazilian Grand Prix and helped Mercedes to round off the season with some pride. Now, the team is convinced enough to compare the young Brit to the seven-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton.

George Russell, Toto Wolff

George Russell earned heaps of praise, appreciation, and millions of fans for his remarkable performance in the 2022 F1 campaign. In the driver\’s standings, he scored 35 points more than Lewis Hamilton. He got a P4, two positions ahead of the seven-time world champion. Unfortunately, this year Mercedes\’s construction was the lowest in front of Red Bull and Ferrari, who mastered adjusting to the new rules.

Mercedes failed to adapt to the new regulations of the ground floor, and thus, a very weak W13 was produced, which did not suit Hamilton. Yet, George Russell paved the way off to secure his first win. In Williams, Russell could never make a win or pole because they never gave him strong engines. As soon as the driver got cars like the MERCEDES, he proved that he was one of the winners and deserving of the World title.

\”George Russell Did An Incredible Job,\” Said Mercedes

Everyone is pretty much impressed by the newcomer, and so is Mercedes\’s strategic director, James Vowles. He claimed that Russell was everything that Mercedes expected. \”On a Whole, it does not really take us to tell you this. But George Russell did a very good job this season,\” said Vowles.

George Russell

He explained more about the statement by comparing George with Hamilton. James said, \”The young driver is against the best [Lewis Hamilton] in the world, and that is your reference! One thing is clear from the beginning of the year when Mercedes had a car that was difficult for Hamilton. He was using his wealth of experience to help the team in order to improve the W13 and really move Mercedes forward as a part of the team.\”

However, George Russell was focused on learning and embedding himself into the team, scoring a number of results that were beneficial for him. His pace was very, very strong throughout the year, claimed the strategy director. He admitted that Russell is exactly what Mercedes was looking for. \”He indeed did an incredible job,\” said James Vowles.

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