Mercedes Boss Sees \’A Little Schumacher\’ In Lewis Hamilton! Helping The Racing Team In Building The Future

Lewis Hamilton

Whenever people talk about who are the legends of Formula One, two names often come to light, Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton. Schumacher left Formula One world with the highest target and a dream of 7 world titles that each F1 driver sees every night before sleeping. However, the British driver has already become the one to seal the dream of standing neck to neck with the legend. Hamilton became a seven-time world champion in 2020. He also surpassed Michael Schumacher, the 93-GP winner, in setting the record for most GP wins with 103 victories so far.

All of these stats and Hamilton\’s past performances forced his mentor, Toto Wolff, to say that Lewis Hamilton has become a \”little bit of Michael Schumacher in Mercedes\”. Wolff believes that Hamilton is not just a driver or a member of Mercedes. He is more like a family now after spending ten years with the Silver Arrows. The contribution of the Briton in the Mercedes family is enough for Wolff to compare Hamilton with the legend Schumacher.


In an episode of The Grid Podcast, Mercedes\’s principal stated that Lewis has been a big involvement in developing Mercedes cars. As the boss stated, \”I think, in the Grand Prix races, Hamilton has become such a senior figure. That it looked like a little bit of Michael Schumacher was back in the day.\” Toto Wolff reckoned this because Michael has also been with the Mercedes family once. With the Silver Arrows\’ very first entry in the sport in 2010, they had the legend, Michael Schumacher on the team. He returned back in F1 after creating a spectacular career with Ferrari until 2006.

Like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton Also Helping Mercedes In Its Development

Initially, Mercedes were naive in the field. Unfortuantely, they were not stronger during Schumacher\’s presence. All they had was Schumacher, a driver with seven world titles and immense knowledge about cars and Formula One. The German made the team develop strong cars with his presence in the factory back in the debuting years of Mercedes. Remembering those days of the Brackley-based team, Toto Wolff emerged to see similarities between Michael and Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton- Toto Wolff

In 2013, Michael Schumacher retired from Formula One. And then Lewis Hamilton got the Mercedes seat to fill Schumacher\’s void. Niki Lauda was then the principal of the team. Both, together, made Mercedes so strong that they raised from 0 to 8 within eight years. Hamilton, with the Silver Arrows, won 6 of the seven championships. Mercedes alone dominated Formula One during the turbo-hybrid era.

Like Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton also never fears getting into the factory and helping the mechanics create strong Mercedes cars. Hamilton also helped Mercedes raise higher. He has also clinched 7 Formula One World Championships. Hamilton was 28 when he joined Mercedes; now he is 37. So, in a period of almost ten years, Hamilton developed a little bit of Michael Schumacher in him.

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