Mercedes And Red Bull, Not So \”Transparent\”! FIA Told To Open Up More Like Other Teams

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A new research has been discovered in Formula One that urged the teams to keep more governance transparency as they are caught lacking in it. This included Mercedes and Red Bull.

FIA never fails to make new plans in order to have a sustainable future for Formula One. Once again, in a finding, they have found that the ten teams of the motorsport need to improve the rate of transparency and governance they have at present. In the research, several teams have been found to break the morals and ethics of the sport. Unfortunately, only three teams were found to keep everything translucent. Even Mercedes and Red Bull were suspected as the guilty team.

According to the reports of the Standard Ethnics group, the F1 paddocks have been found to lack in maintaining governance. An analysis has suspected that the teams need to focus on the environmental strategies made in Formula One. The research was made on the basis of
the ethics codes that the teams are supposed to follow. Along with this, an emphasis based on human rights was also made.


The only three teams that were praised for being transparent and for following the F1 ethics codes were Ferrari, McLaren, and Aston Martin. The teams were responsible for producing a document that highlighted the issues of the sustainable environment in Formula One.

Mercedes And Red Bull Should Also Follow Formula One The Ethical Codes

The director of the research publication, Jacopo Schettini, told to the Guardian, \”There were three teams who followed the code of ethics. They were McLaren, Aston Martin, and Ferrari. The teams were talking about all major sustainability issues.\” Later, Jacopo suggested the other teams should also have the same ethics as Ferrari and the two. They are the only one who did follow the sustainable government and environmental strategies of Formula One.

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The research done by the publication was not fraud, it was neither commissioned nor paid. Thus, an independent Standard Ethics remained truthful when they suspected Mercedes and Red Bull in the list of the ethic lacker teams of Formula One. The director later stated, \”We analyzed what they have published already. Going through the data is very important and the first part of sustainability is to be transparent. To inform the people what one is doing is the goal. One should publish everything as it seems.\”

For the teams who lacked in following the ethical codes of Formula One, Schnetti believes that a major change is necessary for the strategy to prove their transparency. This will also prove their dedication to welcoming a more sustainable future in the motorsport world.

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