Mercedes 2023 F1 Car\’s First Look Out, And It Is Dominating The Formula One World [SEE VIDEO]

W13 Mercedes

Mercedes promised its fans that it would not repeat the same mistake again. Whatever happened in 2022 will never happen ever again. The W13 was the weakest this season, so for the next season, the W14 will be the strongest. And, for proof of their hard work in the Mercedes factory, the team just revealed their first design. The team showed footage of George Russell sitting in the car in terms of preparations for next year.

It has only been three weeks since the 2022 season ended, and Mercedes went into the factory to build cars for the next season. Fans know where the motivation is coming from. As the team survived the worst season in their entire career, the hard work got increased even higher for the next year. During the dreadful season, Mercedes principal Toto Wolff described that the DNA of W13 will be changed in 2023.

Now the team has already into the factory to make a strong car to beat the rivals next year. In the clip released by Mercedes, George Russell, the driver who saved Mercedes\’s pride this season with his maiden win, was spotted going into the Silver Arrows factory. The driver went to get acquainted with a review of his seat for the Mercedes 2023 car. However, nothing in detail was found in the video. No one can predict what exactly the W14 will look like by looking at the video because it just shows a glimpse of the car.

The Mercedes W13 Will Look Exactly The Same As W14

However, one of the changes is confirmed in the Silver Arrows car for the next Formula One campaign. During the crash of Zhou Guanyu in the British Grand Prix, a regulation change in the appearance of the roll hoop was established. So, Mercedes will also adopt that in building the W14.


Meanwhile, fans should know what the Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, has said about W14. After passing a season with just one win, the team was very disappointed. Even after launching their final upgrade, it\’s ace Lewis Hamilton could not secure a win. This resulted in losing the streaks that he maintained from his debut in the sport. In the season-ender race, the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton faced the first mechanical failure and had to end the race prematurely.

Nevertheless, next year, Toto Wolff has recently explained how the Mercedes team is working to provide better cars to the drivers for 2023. For the design of the machine, nothing will be changed in the looks. It will be exactly the same as W13. Wolff said, \”I went to the wind tunnel and found that the new car looks exactly like this year\’s car. But, the engineers told me that underneath is very different.\”

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