McLaren Boss Zak Brown Blames Lewis Hamilton For Excessive Protesting, Claims \”It Got Out Of Hand\”

Lewis Hamilton & Zak Brown

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are the two drivers who never fail to use their racing platforms to highlight social issues. The drivers often are spotted giving political statements with their Formula One identity. However, now, FIA has put a ban on such activity. According to the International Sports Federation, the sports platform should not be used to make political statements.

Especially, on race weekends. If the drivers wills to do so, they will have to take permission from the governing body. Otherwise, strict sanctions will be taken. Since it is only \’Lewis Hamilton\’ who is popular for committing the activity, he gets the blame for the ban.

Zak Brown

A Formula One team boss believes that FIA had to implement the ban on making political statements because things were getting \”out of control\”. McLaren\’s principal, Zak Brown, came out to speak on the matter and somehow agreed with FIA\’s decision. Talking with ESPN, Zak said, \”We need to balance things and not let every start of a race being a new political agenda for someone.\”

However, he believes that freedom of speech is important. And one must get the right to speak to whatever he wants to. But for Zak Brown, it is not healthy to use the Grand Prix races as a platform to speak on outer politics. This not only distracts the audience from what they are tuning in to but also rejects the main goal of F1. The goal is to provide an exciting Grand Prix race to watch.

\”Drivers Should Not Use The Grand Prix Races To Speak On Social Issues\”. Lewis Hamilton in Target


The CEO of McLaren supports the drivers who speak for social injustices. But he doesn\’t want them to do that on race weekends. According to him, what all of us want from Formula One is a \’sport\’ for which it is doing good. But when things don\’t go peacefully just because of some political agenda. Then FIA definitely should set rules to adhere to during the races of F1. However, he never opposes the driver\’s right to make any kind of statement related to politics on their own beyond the sport.

At present, Sebastian Vettel is retired from Formula One. Now we have only Lewis Hamilton, who shows interest in such activities as using a helmet made with pride\’s logo. When Zak Brwon said that things were getting out of control, he probably meant that some of the drivers were doing more than enough to make political statements. That some drivers had only Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton

In 2021 during the Hungarian GP, the four-time world champion stood up in support of Gay rights in the country. Also, in Miami, Vettel stood up for the climate awareness campaign. Hamilton and Seb together have been found to wear T-shirts with LGBTQ+ rights. Now that Sebastian is gone, only Lewis will have to face the consequences of teh ban in teh upcoming years.

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