Max Verstappen Will Get Banned From F1 If Red Bull Found Guilty Of Cost Cap Breach In 2022 F1 Season

Red Bull

Red Bull passed the 2022 season with all greatness it can ever get. The team clinched both the Formula One championship (drivers and constructors) with a spectacular 17 wins. Red Bull\’s star Max Verstappen broke the record of Michael Schumacher for 13 the most wins in a season. He held another record of 15 wins with the highest point score of 454. However, one threat is still hanging ahead of the team, \”The cost cap breach\” allegation. Will Red Bull again face the same kind of reputational damage next for breaching the 2022 cost cap budget?

This year, during the happy moments of Red Bull, there was the worst kind of controversy. The controversy of the 2021 budget limit. During the Singapore Grand Prix, the team got accused of breaching a budget of $145 million last year by $7 million. Red Bull was shocked to know that for the breach, their ace Max Verstappen may also have to execute his maiden title. Christain Horner at first denied all allegations, but when FIA itself did the findings, they tagged the team to be guilty of breaching the budget by a minor amount.

Red Bull Will Avoid The Budget Controversy At Any Cost


When Red Bull\’s head advisor Helmut Marko was asked to review their best statistical season, he revealed that the team had big parties after. However, Helmut was not present in any of the celebrations that happened in Milton Keynes. About the cost cap saga that the Milton-Keynes Based team had to face this year. Helmut said it was the \”surprise\” that they never want to have again.

Despite having the best season in terms of winning, Red Bull will never want the same season again in terms of the critics they faced. The team will do anything to avoid the cost cap surprise again next year. The controversy not only damaged the team\’s reputation but also slapped them with a penalty that may become the reason for their 2023 championship loss. In October, FIA suggested the little minor breach of Red Bull, and in November, they revealed the final reports saying that Red Bull, in fact, did not breach teh budget by $7 million. It was just a rumor. The final findings stated that Red Bul just breached the budget by $2.2, which later decreased the amount by 0.5 million dollars as the rest was counted in the tax credits.


Red Bull now has got a 10%deduction in wind tunnel testing because of the penalty for exceeding last year\’s budget. This is a big challenge for the team in making teh same strong car in 2023. Meanwhile, the one threat that again is haunting the team is the annual budget report FIA. For the 2022 cost cap report, Red Bull wants to be safe. However, they are confident that this time the team is way below the budget limit this year.

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