Max Verstappen & Sergio Perez Developed Serious \”Trust Issues,\” Will Face Its Effects In The 2023 Season

Max Verstappen-Sergio Perez

Have you watched the 2022 Brazilian Grand Prix? Oh! You must have watched it because the race is probably the most important race of the season. Mercedes won their first race of the season in Interlagos, George Russell claimed his maiden win in Formula One, Lewis Hamilton broke his winning streak, and Max Verstappen, for the first time, got a P6 this year, all happened in the Brazilian Grand Prix. Although Max Verstappen did not win his title in Brazil, it will always be memorable for him because of the controversies he created himself by giving a selfish move for his teammate, Sergio Perez.

A little disagreement took place between the Red Bull drivers in the Sao Paulo Grand Prix. Max Verstappen selfishly refused to follow the team\’s order and did not help Sergio get a good position which might have given him enough points not to let Charles Leclerc beat him. An F1 Sky Commentator, David Croft, believes that the disputes between Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez were a result of a lack of trust. And this must have created a \”trust issue\” between the drivers.

Max Verstappen-Sergio Perez

Checo Lost The Runner-up Position Because Of Max Verstappen

Checo wanted to finish the 2022 Formula One campaign with at least a runner-up position, as Verstappen was meant to be the winner. But was his dream ruined by Charles Leclerc OR Max Verstappen? Ferrari did initially great by winning four of the starting races. Three of their four wins of Ferrari were claimed by Charles Leclerc alone. But as soon as the F1-75 started losing pace, Leclerc had to lose his dream of winning the championship.

From hoping to win the championship, the Scuderia team had to go way below P4 or 5. Max first, then his teammate Sergio Perez was leading all the races. But Charles Lecler never gave up battling with his nearest rival, Checo. He fought till the last race and finally defeated him in the driver\’s standings by 3 points.

Meanwhile, a lot of things happened that caused Sergio Perez to lose the runner-up position to Leclerc. One of the main reasons for his loss was his own teammate, Max Verstappen. He prevented Checo from going ahead of him, which might have given him 5 points that would secure his P2 in the driver\’s standings.


Verstappen And Sergio Perez Needs To Trust Each Other

In Interlagos, during the closing laps, Sergio Perez was struggling with soft tires to fight with Alonso Fernando placed at fifth, followed by a safe car run. So Red Bull made a strategy and asked Checo to let go of Max, who was at P7. They said that if Max failed to beat Fernando, his position would be returned back. Checo trusted his team and let Max go ahead of him. Unfortunately, the Alpine driver remained unbeatable, and Max Verstappen was ordered to return back Checo\’s position. But he refused the team\’s order and said, \”You guys don\’t ask that again to me.\” He remained at P6 and did not let Checo pass through him in the race, where Charles Lecler made equal points as Perez by claiming a P3.

Meanwhile, after the race, when a reporter asked the two-time world champion if he did that intentionally to take revenge from Checo for what he did in Monaco, Max did not deny it. In the qualifying session of the Monacan Grand Prix, Sergio Perez had a crash. The crash was later called to be intentional as it prevented Max Verstappen from securing a front row. This eventually lead him to lose the GP. Along with some fans, maybe Max also believed it and took revenge for that in Interlagos. (as suggested by many, nothing is confirmed, by the way).

VERSTAPPEN Max (ned), Red Bull Racing PEREZ Sergio (mex), HORNER Christian (gbr),

Nevertheless, according to David Croft, this is very bad to be found among teammates in Formula One. Speaking in concerns of the matter, Croft said, \”You need to be able to trust your team. As a driver trust your teammate.\”For Monaco-crash-revenge, the commentator said, \”Whatever happened in Monaco, the assumption is that there was something about Checo\’s crash that was intentional. Shall we say that? if in case it was not misfortune then there is a trust issue between the drivers.\”

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