Belgian GP once again was filled with surprises and shocks altogether. However, one almost sure thing that happened was Max Verstappen’s clear win. The Red Bull driver took his RB18 from 14th position to 1st in minimal time. Moreover, he consistently maintained his first position in the majority of the laps to win the Belgian Grand Prix. Verstappen also matched a back-to-back win record at Belgian GP for two consecutive years with Kimi Raikkonen. Kimi scored three consecutive wins at Spa Francorchamps between 2004-07.

However, a recent footage from Sunday’s race at Spa-Francorchamps has brought up another conspiracy. As seen in the video footage, Max Verstappen has inadvertently ruined Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc’s Belgian GP.

Max Verstappen Ruined Leclerc’s Chance To Win Belgian GP

At Spa-Francorchamps, Charles Leclerc took an unscheduled pit stop just in the third lap of the race. At the point, the Ferrari driver complained that smoke was coming out of his right front brake duct. Although later, the Ferrari team found out that a visor tear-off strip was stuck in his brake duct. That was locking the airflow and resulted in overheating problems in Leclerc’s f1 car.

The Scuderia team took no time to find out the owner of the visor strip. As many replay videos featured Max Verstappen with the same strip. Apparently, the Dutch driver’s helmet was covered in dust as a result of Lewis Hamilton’s collision with Fernando Alonso near Les Combes. And to improve visibility, Verstappen peeled off one of the transparent strips on his helmet visor when he was in a high-speed run from Paul Frere to Blanchimont. However, that visor strip came into the Ferrari driver’s track and cost him one of the most crucial races of the season.

Ferrari Boss Discussed Issue With Charles Leclerc’s F1 Car

Meanwhile, Ferrari Boss Mattia Binotto also addressed the overheating issue that happened with Charles Leclerc. As Mattia stated, the overheating in his car caused a sensor failure. And because of that, when Leclerc made a late pitstop to get bonus points for the fastest lap, they were not able to measure his speed accuracy.


Moreover, the Monegasque driver was given a five-second penalty for speeding in the pits. Also, when Charles Leclerc came out of the pits, Alpine’s Fernando Alonso managed to overtake Leclerc with the help of DRS on the penultimate lap. As a result, the Ferrari driver came down to the sixth position because of the time penalty even when he finished fifth in the race.

On the other hand, Max Verstappen also acknowledged the visor strip issue. The dutchman stated, “It was super-hectic, and so much dirt as well.” He further cleared that he had to tear it off because he could barely see anything. According to the Red Bull driver, many drivers were pulling stuff out in the race, and it is just super unlucky. Max also hoped that it was not his visor strip that created the issue for the Ferrari driver.