Max Verstappen Reveals Why He Apologized To Red Bull Team \’Million\’ Times After Cost Cap Regulation


Max Verstappen seems too arrogant to many people. On the basis of his on-track strong moves against the rivals, a very strong image of the driver has been made, who doesn\’t often say sorry. However, this is not the case for off-tracks. In reality, the two-time world champion sometimes has to say sorry to his colleagues. Max Verstappen revealed that he had to \”apologize million times\” to the mechanic\’s department of Red Bull for when he damaged the car while racing.

After the budget regulations launch of Formula One, all the expensive teams were shocked. It was really hard for them to accept the cost cap, as they never cared about money being a problem in races. The front liners teams like Mercedes, Red Bull, and Ferrari were furious to hear about strict financial rules because it constrained them to use unlimited upgrades. With the cost cap regulation, the biggest problem that arose was car damage. Mending a damaged car that went through crashes on the tracks sometimes demands new parts. This comes with high costs that the teams could afford with low budgets.


Meanwhile, speaking of damaged cars, one name must come to your mind, the name of the 25-year-old Red Bull driver. Max Verstappen barely passes a race without contacting other cars on the grid. Also, the team has been under controversies the entire year, which suggested them to be not a good adjuster of lower budgets. Everyone now knows that Red Bull did breach the cost cap last year. Yes, obviously, it was a minor budget, but this is enough to prove that Red Bull must have struggled a lot to be under the budget.

\”You Can\’t Say Don\’t Worry We\’ll Have A New Part For A Broken Car Because Of Cost Cap,\” Says Max Verstappen

So when Max Verstappen comes up with a broken RB car, he apologizes to his mechanics because it unnecessarily increases their work. But, now just a sorry will not work because now there will be nothing to pay to the mechanics. In the low budget of $140 million, having a new part every time will lead the team to breach the cap. This will slap them with penalties like a $7 million fine and a 10% reduction in Wind Tunnels. (Red Bull is the live example).

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Colliding At Interlagos

Speaking with RacingNews 365, Max Verstappen explained, \”You have to be a little more careful now than in previous years.\” The 2022 F1 World Champion explained that now it is not like earlier when you used to think, Oh damn! There goes a front wing. Okay, No worries! We will put a new one. Because now, you can\’t put a new one. You just can\’t afford it under $140 million.

Max Verstappen revealed that, in the Red Bull factory, people are not happy about that. However, he never failed to apologize. He said sorry to the mechanics for like million times. But \”it was not a real limitation, no matter how much work it was to get a new part made,\” said the Red Bull ace. However, Max is afraid now as they need to be careful now. He gives an example, \”in the free practice sessions, it is no longer easy to say, oh! we will easily put a new floor under it.\”

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