Max Verstappen Reveals How His F1 Driver Dad Jos Influenced His Formula One Success

Max Verstappen

Every child has their father as the first hero, first ideal, and first inspiration. Let\’s talk about Max Verstappen, who became a two-time Formula One world champion by having his father as the first influencer. Jos Verstappen was also a racing driver in Formula One; he was the winner of the 1993 Formula Three championship. During his career in Formula One, the former German driver participated in eight seasons for seven different teams and inspired his son to become a champion one day.

At present, one can see how Max Verstappen is fascinated about winning every race he participates. When he stands on the grid, he only aims for the first finish, and no doubt in saying he often succeeds. But from where has the driver gotten such stubborn and winning behavior? Apparently, Max learned it from his father. Jos Verstappen used to say a second position is terrible, as it is the loser of the first, his son printed this on his mind forever.

Max Verstappen with his father

Max Verstappen rarely passes a season without being criticized for the insane moves he takes on the tracks. While attempting overtakes, Max does not see anything but the finishing line. With sheer determination to win the race, he often loses consideration for other drivers. In an interview with Viaplay, Max Verstappen revealed the lessons his father gave him. He said, \”My dad always told me that second is the first\’s loser. And, this triggered me, you know? It is not nice.\”

Max Verstappen Thanks His Father For Making Him The Strongest!

You may know that Max Verstappen refuses to use \’p**** pads\’ while racing. These are made to protect the driver\’s head and neck area from severe muscle pain triggered by the G-forces through the corner turnings. Well, Max refuses its use because his father never taught him to use that. He went on explaining the matter and said, \”I was just getting started in Formula Renault testing and I got invited for an F3 test and it was a lot tougher.\” He explained that after a few runs on the track, he could not protect his head. There was an urgent need for padding on the sides in Valencia as it was anti-clockwise, making the situation even worse.


According to Verstappen, the drivers are used to driving on clockwise tracks. The necks and heads are learned to tackle with clockwise turnings. So he was seeking the pads when he was driving in Valencia. But his father, Jos Verstappen, came in to call those protections as p**** pads. And since that day, Max Verstappen refused to use it.

Max revealed a very impressive story about himself. Once when the team asked him to use the protective pads. He said, \”even if my head falls off, I am not using it ever again.\” The two-time world champion drives in every circuit without the help of those p**** pads. And all thanks go to his father.

The Red Bull driver has been the most influential F1 driver at present times. He is young and is doing the right thing. The back-to-back championship is the achievement of the legends, which Max has already achieved. For these claims, Max never fails to thank his father, Johannes Franciscus Verstappen.

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