Max Verstappen Finally Said Out Loud That Sergio Perez Is The Second Driver At Red Bull, & He Needs To Accept That

Sergio Perez

Max Verstappen, the Red Bull luck! The favorite of Red Bull\’s boss. At present, the Milton-Keynes-based racing team is all about Max Verstappen. But where is Sergio Perez? Nobody hears Sergio Perez in the loud of Red Bull and their priorities. The team definitely focuses on winning, which is brought to them by Verstappen. And maybe this is the reason why Perez often has to feel ignorance in Red Bull. In front of Max\’s two world titles and 35 Grand Prix wins, Checo\’s 4 GP win is nothing! Probably he became Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes when Lewis Hamilton was dominant.

The Red Bull drivers had a little dispute during the Brazilian Grand Prix of 2022. And no doubt in saying that left a little impact on their relationship. At Interlagos, Max Verstappen refused the team\’s order to return back Checo\’s position, who was placed in P7 when Max was at P6 just behind Fernando Alonso, who was fifth.

This caused Sergio Perez to ruin his dream of having a runner-up position in the driver\’s standings. Checo lost points in Brazil, while his nearest rival, Charles Leclerc, secured 15 points with third on the podium. Leclerc equaled Perez in Sao Paulo, and in Abu Dhabi, the Ferrari driver outscored Checo by three points to clinch teh second position in the Formula One driver\’s standings.


So, it is quite reasonable for Checo to have some hard feelings for his teammate who prevented him from gaining points just for the sake of stubbornness. In return for that, Checo just said, \”This shows who he[Max] really is. However, soon after the race, Christian Horner came out to clarify that there was nothing in between the drivers. They are hand shaken and going to help each other in the upcoming races.

\”Sergio Perez Should Accept That Max Verstappen Is Better Than Him\” As Valtteri Bottas Did For Lewis Hamilton

Meanwhile, almost a month after the season ended, Max Verstappen emerged to throw a hint at his teammate. He believes that the second driver should accept that they can never take first place and they must not \”live in a fairy tale.\” In an interview with F1 talks, Verstappen said, \”you start each season with a fresh mindset. However, after a few races, you realize that you are making it [you realize that you cannot beat your teammate], and then you finally accept your role. One keeps driving, ending up on the podium, and sometimes also wins or start on the pole. But you just need to accept that the guy [driver] next door is better than you.\”


In addition, the two-time world champion gave the example of Lewis Hamilton\’s ex-teammate, Valtteri Bottas. During his contract with Mercedes, Bottas had to follow the team\’s order against Lewis Hamilton, who was winning every time. Knowing that Mercedes\’s priority is Hamilton because he is much better at clinching championships, Bottas accepted that he s just a second pilot. \”Some people can\’t accept it and then everything goes wrong. You just can\’t live in a fairy tale,\” said Max Verstappen while speaking about his teammate Sergio Perez.

According to Max Verstappen, Checo should accept himself as the second pilot of the team, who will never be able to beat the lead one. But, Checo believes in himself to be a great driver individually. And he will definitely not accept that he is not gonna win. Perez has promised his fans that he will do better in 2023 to get more victories.

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