Right now, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen is having the time of his life. The Dutchman has won ten out of the fifteen Grand Prix in the 2022 F1 season. And he is all set to take on the remaining races to claim the 2022 Drivers’ Championship title. Meanwhile, this year is not the first time when Verstappen is aggressive in winning over all his counterparts. Spectators last year witnessed a situation at the Italian Grand Prix that confirmed that Max Verstappen could do anything to win the title. And the incident included his all-time favorite rival, Lewis Hamilton.

Last year at Monza, the Red Bull driver collided with Lewis Hamilton after a slow pit stop brought him out next to his title rival. The Mercedes driver was in the inside line at the turn one chicane. However, Verstappen was not ready to stay behind and rammed his F1 car onto Hamilton’s. As a result, Max Verstappen’s car vaulted over the Mercedes’ car. And Lewis was left mere centimeters away from the Red Bull car’s tyre.

Max Verstappen Might Have Punched Lewis Hamilton In Rage

Since his debut in the F1 fraternity, Max Verstappen has been known for his aggressive driving as well as behavior. There are a few instances where the Red Bull driver lashed out at his fellow drivers. One of the examples is the 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix, where Max Verstappen pushed Force India driver Esteban Ocon in the paddocks. Meanwhile, after the 2021 Italian Grand Prix crash, former Toyota F1 star Timo Glock reckoned that Verstappen could have physically burst out at Lewis Hamilton if this had happened in his younger years.

Verstappen Hamilton

However, the Red Bull driver has defended himself, claiming that he has gotten older with more experience. He declined that he would’ve expressed his rage physically at the Mercedes driver. According to Verstappen’s statement, “I don’t necessarily think I would have punched Lewis. It is just that you experience more things and you learn how to deal with the sport better. That is just a natural process.”

Lewis Hamilton Was Surprised With Verstappen’s Reaction After Crash

After analyzing the crash, FIA put Verstappen on blame and sentenced him to a three-place penalty at the next Russian Grand Prix. Meanwhile, fans praised the Halo device on the F1 car, which saved the Silver Arrows’ driver’s life. Hamilton also revealed that he was in pain after the accident. But he was more surprised by the Red Bull driver’s reaction as he walked out of his car and did not even check on Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton

As Lewis Hamilton stated after the race, “I did see Max get out and just walk by. I found that a little bit surprising. Because ultimately, I think when we go out, and when we do have incidents, the first thing we want is make sure if the guy that we crashed into or we collided with is okay.” This incident was ultimately turned into a point of rivalry for both the Red Bull & the Mercedes drivers