Max Verstappen Confesses He Felt BAD For Lewis Hamilton After Controversial 2021 Formula One Finale

Max Verstappen Lewis Hamilton

The two-time world champion Max Verstappen clinched his maiden title last year in the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The way the Red Bull star won the season is considered inappropriate by some fans. Max defeated Hamilton just in the last lap by taking advantage of the steward\’s one-sided decision. Lewis Hamilton was battling with Max Verstappen to win his eighth championship, creating the fight the most intense competition in the sport\’s history. However, the Dutch driver has recently admitted that he felt bad for the Briton after the controversial end of the season.

On social media, even after a year has passed, fans talk about how the game changed for the Briton in the very last moment of the 2021 season. Hamilton\’s fans call him an eight-time world champion because they believe Max won the title with an unfair judgment. Indeed, the circumstances were hard to accept for the seven-time world champion. In fact, also Max Verstappen, who beat hamilton on the last stage, feels bad doing so. \”Everything was looking great for him and then something like this happens. It is tough,\” said Max Verstappen about Lewis Hamilton\’s loss of his eighth world title.

Max Verstappen Hopes Hamilton Will Understand Him

Mercedes And Red Bull On track

Lately, in an interview with motorsport-total, Max Verstappen talked about being an emotional man and shared his feelings about his first championship. When he won, he faced huge criticism instead of praise. Though he was totally deserving, somehow, the circumstances created favors for the Mercedes driver. Regardless that Max explained that the only thing he said to himself at that time was, \”Lewis Hamilton has won seven titles and won one of them when it looked like he was going to lose.\” And that\’s how the Red Bull driver motivated himself, which turned that situation around again on the last lap.

\”I hope Hamilton will understand,\” said Max Verstappen. He added, \”Yes I felt for him.\” Because no matter what, Max always respects the seven-time world champion despite the on-track clashes. He believes that the pair had a great duel. Not only this time but also several times earlier, Max has revealed that he has great respect for Lewis Hamilton. Although the 25-year-old feels bad because he never gets back the respect.

The 2022 Season Went In Peace Between The Pair As Compared To The 2021


However, this year fans did not get to see any such intense rivalry battles between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. No one claimed Max\’s trophy to be undeserving because even a blind can sense how great he was in driving through the entire F1 season of 2022. Unfortunately, Lewis Hamilton could not reach near the reigning world champion because the Mercedes car was too slow in front of RB18.

But howsoever, Max Verstappen did not let the season go without doing what he loves, battling with the seven-time world champion. In Interlagos, when Hamilton was at Senna S corner at turning 2, Max Verstappen came from behind and went inside, causing a little crash. The W13 remained safe, but the Red Bull car got damaged. Stewards found Max guilty of the crash, and he faced a 5 seconds penalty with rear wing damage to his car.

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